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The Science of Weight Training :

Chest workout for beginners :

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Workout Plan :

1)Depending on whether or not you find push ups easy, the workout will begin 1 of 2 ways

i)If you can’t do push ups easily, start with 3 sets of free push ups, where you go up to 80% of failure in all the sets. If you can’t do push ups at all, try knee push ups

ii)If you can do push ups easily,
-SET 1 : Free push ups – 12 reps
-SET 2 : 10kg on your back – 80% of failure
-SET3 : Same as set 2

2)Decline Dumbbell Press
-SET 1 : Basic weight, 12 reps (80% failure)
-SET 2 : Heavier dumbbell, 10 reps
-SET 3 : 10 reps
-SET 4 : Heavier dumbbell, 8-10 reps
-SET 5 : 8-10 reps

3)Incline Dumbbell Press
-SET 1 : Basic weight, 12 reps (80% failure) (But take a lighter dumbbell than your first decline set. Decline presses are more important!)
-SET 2 : Heavier dumbbell, 10 reps
-SET 3 : 10 reps
-SET 4 : Heavier dumbbell, 8-10 reps
-SET 5 : 8-10 reps

4)Dumbbell Fly
-SET 1 : Very light weight, 14-16 reps
-SET 2 : Heavier dumbbell, 12-14 reps
-SET 3 : Heavier dumbbell, 10-12 reps

5)Machine Fly
-3 SETS where you go up to 80% of failure.

6)(OPTIONAL) Parallel Bar Dips
-3 SETS where you go up to 80% of failure

When it comes to Bollywood at least, one of my favourite physiques is VARUN DHAWAN ‘s.
And that is primarily down to the godly chest that this man has built. Now keep in mind that this isn’t really the plan Varun Dhawan follows but this workout will get you the same results. Reason being, this is a scientific take on our regular chest workouts at the gym. This is a collection of chest exercises for men (especially, but feel free to follow even if you’re a broette lifter)
This Varun Dhawan chest should be the absolute go-to workout for you if you’re a beginner or intermediate lifter. Varun Dhawan’s chest is just magical. And this detailed step by step chest workout plan will help you achieve that perfect, armour like Varun Dhawan Chest.


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