Models Butt and Legs Gym Workout Plan

Bikini Model Courtney Vaughn workout goal is to develop a bigger bubble butt and athletic thighs. The workout and exercises in this video will help her do that. Lets just say she was sore in her butt and legs for a couple days after doing this workout, it really hits those target areas. Give it a try. You can do this workout every 2-3 days.

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17 Responses

  1. chiyuwing says:

    Excellent body. Thanks for this motivation! 🙂

  2. Kaumuxoxo says:

    how much weight do you use on the smith rack?

  3. war0991 says:

    wow !! Courtney really sexy and perfect her body !!! and great video =)

  4. cu decalango says:

    I cant stop watching this video.. You are hot, sexy. Please post more of you.

  5. Chrysa Xs says:

    could you do a workout ''how to get rid of from cellulite fast'' please?

  6. cu decalango says:

    nice beautiful and sey im glad to see you back you should stay forever thumbs up very sexy the best model .

  7. paksallion says:

    I love this channel more than I love myself

  8. She did, a couple. And more will be posted soon.

  9. sambista30 says:

    On the other hand the workout are on point when she continues with heavy weight she will get a big butt too. And the video is about building a butt. So I guess she is right after all. Huge fan of all your videos anyways. 🙂

  10. relier says:

    vicky should do a vid like this!

  11. Datass5150 says:

    That's Barbie quality right there.

  12. thanks!!! make more videos only machine gym

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