5 Best Chest Exercises for Women (FIRM AND LIFT THE BREASTS!!)

Best chest exercises and workouts for the entire body in our 90 day fitness system

These 5 best chest exercises for women will help you firm the chest and lift the breasts! This is the best chest workout you can do if you are looking to build strength in the upper body. This workout contains 5 chest exercises for women which include variations on the chest press, chest flies and pushups.

Do each of these best breast exercises for 10 reps (or 10 reps per side if it’s a single arm exercise), and shoot to do 3 entire rounds for this chest workout for women.

Here are the chest exercises found in this workout:

1) Alternating Chest Press (10 each arm)
2) Single Arm Chest Flies (10 each side)
3) Decline Pushup (10 reps)
4) Incline Chest Flies (10 reps)
5) Narrow Grip Chest Press

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23 Responses

  1. Sydney J says:

    I'll probably drop the dumbell and knock my ass out

  2. DJWONTONho says:

    Did you just say "Five breast chest exercises" ? I misheard that. LOL

  3. is it weird that a 12 year old is watching this?

  4. Stella Luna says:

    does this actually work

  5. MsLeelee94 says:

    what weight for the dumbells?

  6. Flower Power says:

    Curious about the size of the exercise ball ? Also do 5 lb weights do any good ?

  7. katie Thomas says:

    This is such an awesome video

  8. Gamerzoe rle says:

    Im a dude and im here , i dunno dont ask me

  9. Babi Babii says:

    i love your exercices how many time we do to have the result please tell me

  10. for beginners which kilo should be use as dumble weight ? 3 or 5 kilo ?

  11. hi can you also tell what is your diet?

  12. asmasanbati says:

    na girl you lost your femeninity touch

  13. omg you are so fit!! your muscle line is very beautiful:)

  14. The Phandom says:

    shes way too muscley

  15. korybee23 says:

    And they don't appear to be.

  16. korybee23 says:

    Are your breast real? Because if not, you need not to give advise or do these video on "how to lift breast".

  17. Masi Hazrati says:

    Hi. is fitness help distorting wrinkles on neck and chest?

  18. Mat Faruq says:


  19. Excellent…thanks for posting!

  20. Ylva 0,0 says:

    Just got a question. So like my mom said I had really perky breasts and that I should wear bras more because she said she saw like a lot of guys lookin at them and what does it mean to have real perky boobs? I'm thirteen btw so I'm obviously stupid.

  21. But she is slim, and I don't think she will lose more weight, but I'm asking exactly about exercises, if she will do them will the boobs gets tighter and will it lift or it will get straightly smaller. Thanks for your reply.

  22. she's so hot!!😍

  23. she's so hot!!😍

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