So you want to see fast results ? try this workout routine

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Back workout routine sets and exercises all reps 8-12 reps
4 sets Lat Pulldowns
3 sets Close Grip Lat Pulldowns
4 sets Seated Cable Rows
3 sets One Arm Standing Dumbbell Rows
3 sets Iso Lateral Lat Pulldowns
4 sets T Bar Rows
3 sets Bent Over Rows
3-5 sets Deadlifts 3-5 reps

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48 Responses

  1. Peter Pires says:

    The volume is too high for anyone who's been training for a few months. This would burn a normal person out especially with the long warm up. Anyone can make another person tired, you have to help these people & give them sound advice as apposed to "push yourself" cause someone will get hurt.

  2. My biceps hang off the sides out my arm i have muscle imbalance there lol cause i used to do half ass curls when i was a kid…. i got small triceps and small shoulders front view looks flat how can i get that shape in my shoulders from the front view

  3. how much bodyfat are you in this video ?

  4. You want to see fast result? Try steroids.

  5. Oscar Garcia says:


  6. Aklcorp says:

    What is your rest protocol?

  7. ZeidGho says:

    Guys push yourselves hard and do what you can do while you can.. I had a really serious back injury that I can't recover from! I can only exercise on the bench press and that's it for me, can't do ANYTHING else.. So take the opportunity of your ability to work out and get stronger! Activate Beast Mode

  8. PRYME09 says:

    Why do my shoulders pop every time i do a pull-up? I stretch and have good form

  9. what's your height?

  10. davidet469 says:

    thanks helped me bigtime bro..stay blessed!!

  11. You think everyone can do those ????

  12. The face area, right around the mouth is always a dead give away.
    And the veins coming in. Steroids.
    And if you go look at a female lifter you will see what I mean. You can always tell, even the actors can't hide it. Thor, bat man vs superman, undisputed, Spartans,ect. Look around the mouth and nose area.

  13. jordan m says:

    credit to your body. many people find it hard to get to that stage or keep up. well done

  14. Can anyone recommend me whar to do for bigger arms? (mainly biceps)

  15. do you do this EVERY DAY.?

  16. Sam Lim says:

    why your tricep look like a dick

  17. Zen Master says:

    Hey Alex, new sub here, what was you weight at 03:57 (since it's an old video) and your height thanks

  18. Abroham says:

    Dayum, you got dat old school spanish folk coffee pot doe lol hashtag bustelo

  19. bloodcorer says:

    You need to ''push'' on your chest bro.

  20. Finally a motivator who is saying the real words. It's about how you push during your workouts. Other people just give exercices but they don't tell you the key is to push and to concentrate your muscles during the exercices.

  21. did I have to do all these excercise per day?


  23. hhh -_- wicked is good damn :0

  24. CM says:

    Eat clen, Tren hard, dbolish your goals, anavar give up!

  25. Doc Harris says:

    Albaxin video… I've been watching alex Los Angeles for over a year… He puts in very hard work to get his gains.. It's sad to see cats like hating and not congratulating… At the end of the day this is why he looks like him and u look like u…. lol

  26. shakir ABU4U says:

    I am ectomorph and beginner too. so can you help me with best workout.

  27. i can hardly do a handstand for 10 seconds, yeah let me just do handstand push ups!

  28. Do full range of motion on pull ups stupid steroid user…. Dont give tips to natural when you are not douchebag.

  29. Got juice? says:

    that is what you call hard work , dedication, and great genetics.

  30. Nizam Geng says:

    I wanna be like u but
    I'm skinny 🙁
    what must I do?

  31. +Alex Los Angeles
    What do you mean by have coffee…should i prepare coffee and drink befre workouts or???

  32. NoMeMe 626 says:

    do this everyday,?waht about the weight?should i go heavy?no resting day,no cardio day right?Bro,i really wanna get fast result like this!

  33. i got the same arms but i wanna get bigger so i gotta eat more food

  34. hasslerism says:

    That's one huge scary ceiling fan up there…. DANG!

  35. Dude great videos Alex! I need a meal plan for cutting this summer.:

  36. A lot of yellow in that gym lol

  37. What a Beautiful man…!

  38. Nice work Alex…been following you & started to incorporate some of your workout…I appreciate you sharing…thanks again & keep working hard.

  39. I'm about to try this workout

  40. Awesome vid so do pull ups push ups and dips every day as a fat burning warm up 

  41. Do you have a leg workout video? 

  42. My Fit Trip says:

    Great video. I just subed. 

  43. Nelle says:

    Hallo Dirk,kann ich nicht bestätigen, nach einem Reboot ist die Kamera nach 30sek einsatzbereit. Vorher macht sie noch ihren Controll-Durchgang und prüft alle Servos. Hast Du die gleiche Firmware drauf wie im Beitrag be/LGrieben?chsrobin

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