At Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment – Fat Burning Cardio Intervals

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20 Responses

  1. maham john says:

    can we do workout in winter cause in winter our body wouldn't sweat

  2. I'm a bit overweight and I've been trying to lose weight for years but I never do I only lose a bit but the weird thing is I don't even gain weight it just won't budge it's so frustrating can anyone help?? 😂

  3. Just complete this was a good workout

  4. 201116workout complete

  5. Why does it has two different of calories number shows ?

  6. Malin Olsen says:

    Is it true that you have burned 200calories?

  7. 301016 workout complete

  8. Snay Jha says:

    the tapping noise from her shoes is like ASMR to me.

  9. I love some great sweaty workouts, but damn this one had me like throwing up halfway through — felt pretty amazing afterwards tho haha thank you guys x

  10. Susanne Flux says:

    As a big-chested woman can I just say that I despise jumping jacks…

  11. MrBenschiHD says:

    so you only burn 166 calories? or did i undesrtand somthing wrong? because you burn with jogging arround 300 so im not sure if this is right because doesnt cardio burn more than jusz jogging?

  12. This workout is amazing!

  13. sufen says:

    Your workouts help. I started by doing just 10 minutes of 2 types of exercises and now have a variety to suit my time and space at home and at work.

  14. can cardio b used to get a fit tummy???

  15. i think i need to practice on my breathing or something because at around 8:00 i needed to take a break cuz i found it hard to breath a bit :/

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