Zipravs Men’s Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard Compression Workout Base Layer Protection Shirt

Zipravs Compression Tee Shirt Long Sleeve When you want to get the absolute best results from your workout, how hard train matters, and to go and make every second of training count, what wear matters. can’t afford to anything that will in way of giving it all, which is why the is the only should slip on before head to the gym, on a run or anywhere elsethe provides multiple benefits for athletes, runners, Mma fighters, bodybuilders and anyone who makes big demands on their bodies and on the clothing that they wear. The men & women SleeveReduces Post-workout Soreness. increases oxygenation in the muscles to diminish lactic acid build-up.Lowers Injury Risk. Multi-functional advanced high-tech fabric supports in the arms, chest, back and abdomen.Keeps Temperature Regulated. used as a base layer in cold weather, won’t feel the chill. In the summer, the four season useful lets air flow in to cool.Prevents Sunburn. With a Uv protect Upf 50+ rating, the Polyester 85% Spandex 15% penetrating fibersFights Odors & Wetness. Antibacterial wicking, diffusing, quick absorption and fast drying the skin feeling and fresh.Allows To Focused. Ergonomic design & comfortable fitting for as as be.Stops Chafing. Ultra light weight, elasticity seamless irritate skin.Promotes Full Range Of Motion. stretches easily in direction.

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