60 Minute Total Body Strength Workout with Weights – Weight Strength Training for Women Men at Home

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34 Responses

  1. Keith Giles says:

    Thank yall, great job.

  2. Andy V says:

    Hello, I did your routine and I think it is very good, but my question is whether the 800 calories really burn or is it only 400 ?, because they both appear in the window of your video.

  3. Holy cow, this workout was so awesome in many ways! I always put in 60 min for my workouts so I usually do two of your 30 minute videos. I liked how this video was 60 min and there were so many new moves that I've never done before! The calf raises, bicep pulses and hands out to the side on the pushups and tricep moves just to name a few. Very effective video!!! I love all the strength training videos with weights, thanks for the burn and motivation!

  4. dj Snake says:

    no pain no gain i love this workout .

  5. AWESOME. Thank you for this killer workout! ☝🏾👍🏾💪🏾😄

  6. Lady Wolf says:

    I been working out with f
    or like one month I have a ? I notice I skinner and more muscle but when I weighed myself I weigh more why is that I more skinner in pics now and I feel muscles everywhere. love your videos.

  7. Lady Wolf says:

    I been working out with for like one month I have a ? I notice I skinner and more muscle but when I weighed myself I weigh more why is that I more skinner in pics now and I feel muscles everywhere. love your videos.

  8. my body feeling it , will be doing this workout again! !☺

  9. workout ok ,no abs or shoulders in the workout

  10. Yahoo!!! I did it 🙂 I managed to get thru this entire video, a few breaks needed, but I did it!!! Thank u

  11. btw coach….i m dead…
    thank you….

  12. i wonder how two human beings can be so great….

  13. Kaioken20 says:

    Have their been any workouts where Claudia does the advanced version / takes the lead in talking us through the session? Not meaning to dis you, Coach! Just wondering if it's been done, or how likely it is to happen in the future.

    Keep up the great work, and thank you so much for all the help.

    I've bookmarked your Patreon and plan to support soon.

  14. Den Smith says:

    Kicked my gluts again! Happy New Year guys – keep up your great work.

  15. I love your work outs. Thank you. You make them look easy but they defiantly are not! And coach I love your accent…especially when you say "come ooonn now!" 😍

  16. just did the 60 minute strength training. i loved it. i made it my own and lifted as heavy weights as i could. this is just what i needed. well done guys. this vid is too perfect for words. i am well beasted everything is sore x x

  17. Avia Codner says:

    This was craaazy love the mash up!!! those arms at the end whoop!!! thanks a lot guys…

  18. I love all your video's especially the longest one with Claudia thank you very much

  19. max says:

    First workout of the year!! Let's see how it goes. x

  20. diana levy says:

    This was a really great workout! I feel awesome! THANKYOU

  21. DEYSI GAMEZ says:

    Are these all the workouts you do or do you guys run as well ?

  22. When I saw this 1 hour workout in my subscription feed I was like oh no but I am so glad I did even though all my muscles fell like jelly

  23. marco Lopez says:

    I love it great way to start the year my wife and I are big fans of your workouts😅😅😂😂

  24. This was the hardest work out I've ever done it was great! When I was using the dumbbells my hands were sweater than ever, I've never seen my hands that sweaty! And this was the longest work out I've done in a long time! 😄please do these videos more often I love them! 😄

  25. Hi, what weights are you using in this workout?

  26. Basliisk g says:

    OMG!! coach another brutal but AWESOME workout ……..

  27. Elvis says:

    Haven't done full body workouts before, will definitely give one finally a go!

  28. Tara Mason says:

    I lOVE these workouts. thank you for all of the ideas. :)

  29. Denson Ngumo says:

    Could you be including the warmups in these long workouts instead of having to a watch a different video then going back to this one?

  30. Just started working out with u guys 🙂 loved the first session, will be doing this one tomorrow 🙂 I've gone from 250-260# to 188# 🙂 never going back to where I used to be….

  31. DEE JOHNS says:

    Great workout, guys!!! This is a keeper!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  32. 500+ calorie loss workout – no equipments! Please do a video about that! Thanks Coaches.

  33. 500+ calorie loss workout – no equipments! Please do a video about that! Thanks Coaches.

  34. Thank you very much. I really like your motivation :)

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