Rdx Mma Thermal Men’s Compression Shorts Base Layer Training Boxing Fitness Running

The Rdx Ultra Flex Ds Thermal Neoprene shorts are designed to provide soft tissue support and warmth to the athlete’s thigh, groin and abdomen. The fit is the best ever with smooth waist & cuff edge Flat-seam technology for anti-flushing. The comfort and help protect the hamstring and area from injury. Carefully with 1.9mm Ds for body hugging shape to increase warmth. Fits close to the for uninhibited movement during training. Improve circulation, facilitates metabolism of the abdominal and hip deeper tissues, skin, subcutaneous fat and muscles. grade stretches and conforms to the for serious sweat loss of excess pounds while the super-stretchy triple reinforced material allows for freedom of ideal for all sparring, grappling, rolling and Mma workouts. Flat-lock seams & an anatomical give total of and supply plenty of afforded by a but the insulating power of a core warmer. Reliably restrain and the parts it is applied to, not restricting natural movements of and joints. Thus, the load is distributed evenly. Application of these will overcooling in humid conditions. Warms the helping you shed water weight. Wash is with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and drip dry.(groin Cup Included)

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