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What should I eat before a workout?
Today’s video highlights the importance of the FUEL, (and not just the food) that should go into your body BEFORE EXERCISING. This “exercise” can be of any form or intensity and the same concepts apply to individuals of any age, sex or fitness levels. These ground rules, personally for me, were what took my workout and overall fitness to the next level. I’m sharing the exact same concepts that i follow and that every fitness conscious individual should be following.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series on pre and post workout nutrition. Make sure you view the next video i post as well!

Part 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSlXVPojQGc

Carbohydrate Education : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swJCVywZx0Y

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44 Responses

  1. axamsa says:

    Adding milk to coffee does not appreciably change the beneficial effect of coffee consumption. Although casein binds to chlorogenic acid in the gut, the digestive process splits the molecules and the overall effect is the same as if the person had consumed coffee without milk.
    Interestingly there are problems using coffee creamer instead of milk as you can read in the same link. Watched a couple videos and I disagree with about 80% of the things he says. Ironic that he mentions bro science when his videos are full of it. stop spreading lies, you're making it seem like being healthy is the hardest thing to do in the world.

  2. Bloody pond says:

    i only eat oats.

  3. could you make the same series for a person doing the keto diet?

  4. Chandan Vk says:

    +BeerBiceps loved your video… Very helpful.. Keep up the good work.. I have one doubt. I go to gym at morning 6am..so how much time before do I need to take pre work out meal? Please help me out… Confused a lot

  5. when to take creatine?

  6. Hey, Ranveer! A really informative video like always. I take peanut butter banana sandwich 30 mins prior to my work outs. is it okay? Or should I add egg whites?

  7. Piyush Yadav says:

    hey bro..i am a big fan of yors..i watched all yor videos…and i wanna ask u somethng.. can i take my whey protien shake before and aftr my work out???..plz answer

  8. hey ranveer I m following a weight loss program, can i have baked sweet potato before workout??

  9. Aksh Brar says:

    how to have caffeine without milk ???

  10. drink black coffee…….? for caffeine

  11. Monty Roy says:

    Please im waiting for ur reply…. U reply to everyone.. Please mujhe bhi kar do….

  12. Monty Roy says:

    Please please ans me…… Please…. What should i eat before my gym training… I eat brown bread and peanut butter egg post exercise…. And smtimes 2 idly… But pre workout… I really need help.. Pls..

  13. WC3Fanatic says:

    nice vid bro!

  14. i gt up every day n start doing body weight ……. one more doubt is .. i cant tone my hanging tummy

  15. Ashish Jain says:

    I take my last meal around 6 pm can I go to exercise in evening 8or 9 pm ?

  16. What should be a ideal food if someone is going to the Gym early morning?

  17. unus fareed says:

    grenade tablet is good before going to gym please say me ur my fitness guru

  18. Hi Bro, I am planning to lose weight and shape my body. And my question is that currently i am taking Bread and Peanut Butter in the morning before workout to give me energy for my workout. Am i correct in my selection ?? Please answer my question it will be very useful for me
    Looking up for your reply :)

  19. Lorrain dco says:

    Any one tested out the Fenoboci Diet Plan (look on google search engine)? I have heard numerous awesome things about this popular diet plan program.

  20. Is there is any problem. If fat guys takes protiens ??? Without taking fat burners???

  21. Ishita Kinra says:

    Hello Beer Biceps. Thank you for such informative videos.

    What if we are hitting the gym in the morning, like at 7 am.
    How is it possible to follow the diet in this sequence early in the morning.
    What should be the one pre workout meal and how much time prior to working out should it be taken, in case of morning workouts?

  22. is it ok to have scoop of whey pro with oats as pre w/o meal ?

  23. Abhinay Garg says:

    hiii… I work in night around 8pm.. so I am basically confused that should I eat after workout or skip my dinner.. and if I should nt skip then wat should I eat post work as my dinner

  24. what abt exercising on empty stomach??is it good or bad

  25. Kill Switch says:

    You said eat oats but dont drink milk wtf how do i eat them then?

  26. Sachin Rane says:

    +BeerBiceps For a pre-workout nutrition, would even Whey Protein not be good as it's milk-based? I go to the gym in the morning and have Whey Protein & a banana before workout and Whey Protein immediately after workout too. I'd be glad to know if this is the right practice or not.

  27. Savio Dsa says:

    I do morning workout at six am.
    what will be my pre workout.

  28. can I eat potato before my workout

  29. Hey champ, great going. I have been a subscriber and a follower since a long time. Could you suggest a good book on nutrition.

  30. what if i go to the gym early morning? what should i have at the morning?

  31. If i want to hit the gym just after I wake up in the morning. what are the options of taking a pre workout meal?

  32. pratik ahir says:

    preworkout me creatine le sakte he kya??
    agar koi banda le raha he creatine to vo kitne time tak le sakta he??
    daily 5 gram as a pre workout lete he to kuch prb to nahi he na?

  33. Shiva Akella says:

    how are dates for pre or post work out ?

  34. I like your presentation

  35. bdw ur too cute..thnx for info😊

  36. Umang says:

    Should we have something before morning cardio?

  37. great video mate! awesome information.

  38. JB Surti says:

    hey ranveer,can i drink milk free nd sugar free coffee during workout..??

  39. JB Surti says:

    can i drink cuffine during workout..??

  40. Prachi P says:

    Okay. Hi Ranveer. Just finished binge watching all your videos and after shedding over 35kgs over a period of 1-1.5 years, there's still so much I got to learn, so firstly, thank you for that. Just had a few questions (keeping in mind my fitness goal is weight loss) and was wondering if you could help me out.
    1) Right alongside people who promote pre-workout eating, there's also a big chunk that believes working out on an empty stomach can work magic. What's your take?
    2) I've heard a lot of people say that watermelon is not too great, specially if you're trying to lose weight.On paper, it doesn't make sense to me since watermelon literally just water. Mind clearing this up as well? (Sorry, for the specifically weird question but i'm in LOVE with watermelons :p) I've also been told to avoid bananas. Is that a thing?
    3) After, watching all your videos, I know you're very pro-protein shakes. But i've heard a lot of people say that protein shakes are only for people who want to build muscle ,not that they're harmful for people aiming for weight loss, just not extremely essential. Can I consume protein shakes, keeping in mind, my goal is weight loss and if so, can you suggest some not too expensive brands of whey protein powder?
    I'm sorry if this is too long. Not sorry, because i'll definitely come up with more questions for you very soon (given that you reply to this :p)

  41. Is it ok to have sports/energy drinks during a gym session? Or should I stick to plain

  42. Thank you for the information its really helpful!

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