Female Fitness Motivation – Success is a Journey

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Song: Adele vs. Skrillex – Set Fire To Everybody (ca7’s Mashup)

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43 Responses

  1. Stop talking nonsense please those women are beautiful like fitness models and their clothes are just beautiful . Don't be jealous bitch just move your ass and get sexy

  2. The25Sister says:

    Yes, gym motivation video without porn. Thank you!

  3. don't sweat the negativity! your editing choices are good, but maybe cut back on the effects.

  4. anyone please tell me the name of this song please

  5. I've recently fell in love with fitness. The gym used to be hell for me, but now that I've really started wanting to achieve a fit body as apposed to just a skinny body, I've absolutely fell in love with it. This video is a huge motivator for me and I aspire to be as physically fit as these women are.

  6. gijs koopman says:

    I feel like as if this is motivation for males aswell..

  7. 918 dislike from fat ass,belly,%40 body fat people :))

  8. what kind of retard acutally falls for this

  9. everytime I c this I love it

  10. Idk all these woman are too lean for men its better to be chiseled but this is too much

  11. What if you want wellness?

    Move your bodies outdoors, grounded to the Earth in bare feet or conductive footwear, feeling the Zen experience, watching the sunrise, playfully recreating. That is sustainable, playful, manageable, and builds exercise compliance.

    Why? Because it's natural. Indoor fitness may help some or many. But, how many can sustain good feelings for decades doing indoor fitness? A small minority of the population can. How many are doing outdoor fitness right now? Very few also. What is the magic motto? Self-mastery. If you seek to master yourself, take a walk with me. Go tribal, go natural.

    Read more in Sedentary Nation on Amazon and also my second book — The Aging Athlete. Today they're both 99 cents on Kindle.


    Sifu Slim, hunter-gatherer of wellness

  12. stewart97ful says:

    Already inspired me to get into shape and a girlfriend!

  13. a woman with beacame it's insanity ,you have the cow milked Cola make !!!

  14. I want this.  I will get this.

  15. The moment when you realise, there are more males jerking of to this video than females getting fitness motivation.

  16. inspiration without being trashy. awesome

  17. This gives me so much motivation. One day my dream will come true 🏆

  18. GlamHeaven12 says:

    The only motivating video with girls not showing off their boobs and ass.

  19. knee deep in bulking season and this makes me feel like a whale. lol

  20. Sara Nur says:

    you don't need too see this, just look at a fit legs with a great leggings and small waist with a sports bra

  21. Zayna Bella says:

    I need motivation :(

  22. Love this video, always give me a pump to keep motivate and continue with my goal!!

  23. help me if anyone can

  24. Ace Spa says:

    My favourite video 🙂 wish there were more like this one

  25. Yes! This is real motivation, the last video was just booty and titties in the camera 😐

  26. Jess See says:

    Thanks for the A REAL fitness inspiration video!! All the other one's just look like soft porn. So frustrating!!

  27. Georgia St says:

    Inspiration 💪🏻🙏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  28. Donna Wilson says:

    great editing great special effects great workout great song great video!!

  29. қандай əдемі

  30. Go to my channel and motricite a training session of the Russian guys and girls)

  31. uddo seki says:

    great i love this. my woman looks great gets stronger than me, gets successful in her job and i can lay back and relax and when i get horny, i have a beautiful chick to fuck with. great future. she does all the work and i can become lazy and fat and take care of my soft hands and my beautiful fingernails. i love this.

  32. Julie Reid says:

    I lost interest when she said "so I decided to hire a trainer"

  33. Flowerr Glz says:

    This inspires me so much!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I need motivation! PLEASE HELP ME.

  35. I have watched my body changed over the years and with alot of hard work and motivation is the only way to get the results your after ,when people actually get insecure around you or say you must not eat ,they are just not unstanding the amount of passion you put into a workout and t time to get the body that they could also get !!!! point said

  36. estee es uno de los mejores videos motivacionales que me ha mantenido en pie con mi entrenamiento!! maaas de estee estilo porfavorr ♡ !! se agradecee

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