No Equipment Upper Body Workout for Great Arms, Shoulders and Upper Back

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28 Responses

  1. aksa ahmed says:

    will this help me in building muscle in the specified areas?

  2. Ellie Ho says:

    When the arm circle part comes up
    Pshh this is going to be easy
    10 seconds later
    Kill me now kill me now!

  3. there are two different section of the numbers for the calories count dont understand wich one is which

  4. shanlduck says:

    My arms are rubber!!!
    Awesome W/O packed into such a short time!

  5. - Kilian - says:

    Oh my… workout complete ! If they are doing gym in Hell, they're doing this workout !

  6. it'd be awesome if u guys had some sort of music!!

  7. The pike push ups…. at the end of this….. after Daniel's bicep/tricep work for #FBFit. I. Can't. Move. My. Arms. Thanks! #workoutcomplete!

  8. the arm circles got me but im still trying this video its in my work out schedule now i run one mile and bike three miles everyday now this workout is after my 4 miles and in the mornings thank you fitnessblender

  9. very strong circle workout… I feel I have strong shoulders now…

  10. Demitri A says:

    Your workouts are great but they are defiantly challenging after a couple of minutes of doing them these exercises are going to kill us one day.

  11. tams121 says:

    its really disappointing for me because despite my efforts to increase my arm strength I just can't do the upward facing plank. my whole body just isn't capable of doing it 🙁

  12. Noldy says:

    Workout complete 05.02.2017 – 5.19am.

  13. great 👍☺

  14. Tonia Day says:

    You are the 💣.com I don't know why they gave this video a 👎🏼 cause if you are doing this with you then you can really feel the burn 🔥. Thanks I will be using all this in my home work out routine.

  15. bowwowmusic8 says:

    Bet you're millionaires now by doing tutorials

  16. Emma Green says:

    will this help with my posture?

  17. How does this workout only burn 50-100 calories?! 😭

  18. Deki Rinzin says:

    Is this good if i want to lose weight on my arms? or is it for the muscles?

  19. Afifa Urooj says:

    Can you help me in my diet plan as well. I am really confused?

  20. MissyBabz45 says:

    I just started doing workouts (New year,New me!) and this was so hard for me. But I love it!

  21. Noldy says:

    Jello arms. Just cam straight off an upper body biceps & triceps strength training. Workout complete 18.12.2016 – 5.57am

  22. Sooo effective… who needs the gym at this point?

  23. Valerie N says:

    omg I loved it! wonder how my arms will be feeling tomorrow morning ha 🙂

  24. gonna do this with food poisoning/ stomach flu 🤒

  25. Slimey Times says:

    I've been doing this for almost a week and i see a bump on my arms 😄

  26. this will not bulk up my arms right?

  27. Joan Landrau says:

    Those arm circles killed what was left of my arms, but I pushed myself and finished this workout.

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