Strong Back Workout | Erin Stern’s Elite Body 4-Week Fitness Plan

An athletic frame and great physique aren’t complete without a strong back. Here’s the workout that will build strength and carve aesthetics in your traps and lats!
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Your back is a big source of power. It’s also the second largest muscle group in the body. If you want to see fast results, you can’t ignore your back. A wide back, which contributes to your V-taper, is a critical component of an aesthetic physique. A strong back will also keep your posture straight and prevent your shoulders from rounding forward.

This workout is built on supersets that will tax your nervous system, your muscular system, and even your cardiovascular system. It’s designed to challenge you in various ways, on multiple planes of movement, and from several different angles. It’s exactly what you need to create a brand-new physique. It’s going to take hard work and perseverance, but you can do it.

If you’re ready to earn your elite, let’s get going!

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43 Responses

  1. I love that you guys share the mindset behind what your doing. Helps people think and understand for themselves, rather then just telling people what to do or think.

  2. so I started watch this and even with me being a man I use this because I work with female athletes so I have be using her workout to see on what I can use for my players I'm do this first and I do feel good. it 8:23 am and I heading to gym now thank for the info.

  3. uj patil says:

    Hie everyone…. I like ur videos very n u are fab…… I Jus want to know how could I set ma schedule… as now ma age is 33, height 5.3inches,weight 49….. I want bit flat tummy n boob's 2 inches more….. Plzzz guide me such

  4. I'm sure the best workouts instruction is on Unflexal page. I just love it !

  5. serait il possible d avoir cela en Français

  6. Cel C says:

    How do I find this on the body space app?

  7. love her!!! her physique is amazing!!! Definitely going to use these in the gym bc I'm all about the supersets.

  8. Gabby Mora says:

    I did this workout on Monday and love it.

  9. This intro gets me so hyped and motivated 😍

  10. Michael Yang says:

    her commitment is so inspiring and motivating, and the commentator guy is also very knowledgeable explaining the concepts behind all her moves…love this channel!

  11. amazing Erin stern😍love it

  12. I just want to be clear, there is no rest between the dumbbell rows and pullovers?

  13. tsquared says:

    Thanks for EXPLAINING why static stretching shouldn't be done prior to lifts! I love the science on the hows and whys. This info really helps avoid injury and train harder.

  14. How smart this guy is

  15. I love Erin Stern. she is what I would love to look like

  16. Hay Ley says:

    Love this !!!!!the best vid on back workouts ive ever watched! Love the girl her muscles and her attitude !!! It is supposed to be chest day +abs tmr but i cant wait to train my back tmr !!!!!!!!!!

  17. Erin Stern meet Chris Martinez. you're smoking hot. I'll be your next four week training dummy. All I need is you, a bed, and chocolate syrup ya heard

  18. Denise A says:

    She's so beautiful 😭👌🏻 goallsssss

  19. Torey Laje says:

    I love your videos erin! super helpful and your workouts are awesome!

  20. I noticed that the grip was reversed during the face pulls…Do you switch grip each set?

  21. Nightowl358 says:

    She's just as hot in person.

  22. Sajna Abdul says:

    Where do I find the link to the workout listed in this video? Usually you have the links below the video. The link below this video goes to the 4 week plan.

  23. can you find videos to her 4 week plan to watch the ex she does?

  24. thank u erin.its really work for me.

  25. Julia St says:

    amazing videos! I'm on Day 1 of her program, great 🙂

  26. fitness videos are really helpfull

  27. Hi Erin I follow your workouts and workout with you daily but I want to know where I can find more workouts that features you training with this gentleman I love the way he explained himself how things work and how you could benefit greatly from him I love histraining style if you kindly link me to all of his workouts I truly appreciate it

    Thank you sincerely your supporter

  28. KG Code says:

    Thank you very much for the free videos,! You really helped me!

  29. Love these videos! ❤️ Very helpful, thank you! Looking forward for more ☺️

  30. aslesh says:

    instead of two exercises with alternation can't we just finish one and then go to the next.
    will it make any difference??

  31. Did this workout yesterdays..soo sore☺👍it's awesome, fun, effective when you don't have so much time. Gonna start for real next week. Really like hers superset workouts

  32. Mai Pham says:

    wow her body is beautiful, amazing, thanks so much for making this video

  33. Joe Soto says:

    what happen with doing the best ex. for the back, pullups?

  34. Aleida Ortiz says:

    Loved this workout! Was so sore the next day. 😀

  35. Her workouts are great! I've been incorporating her workouts with my own to change things up a bit. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Ryan Deffley says:

    She's definitely awesome. But I must admit, I was disappointed not to see her doing pull-ups which is the KING of all back exercises IMO. Since she is really athletic and strong, it would have been awesome to see her banging out strict pull-ups too.

  37. J4ckCr0w says:

    Black close grip wow!

  38. Me encanta este video… entrenar espalda es lo mejor!

  39. marky470 says:

    So I noticed around the 11:00 mark that Erin had two different grips when performing the face pulls. One with the balls on the rope at the top of the hands and the other with the balls on the bottom of the hands. Was she alternating? I also see in other sections of that the rope pulls are primarily for the rear head of the deltoids but that they also secondarily work the middle back. Is one grip better than the other and are you accepting that the deltoids will get worked to allow you to hit the middle back from a different angle?

  40. Simon C says:

    the dude has poor posture

  41. Roseann Bell says:

    how often do you work your back

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