Beginner Training Series: General Fitness For Men

This is our Beginner Training Series where we are going over the basic aspects of training as a beginner in the gym. In this video we go over the best way to train with the goal of general fitness for men. The best way for men to train in general fitness, which has the goal of just being healthy is to do some moderate intensity exercise, at least 5 days per week for an hour or more. This can be anything that keeps your heart rate up to a moderate intensity, to where it is difficult to breathe yet you can maintain pace for the duration. You can do running, cycling, circuits or bodyweight exercises, but keep moving in order to focus on your heart rate rather than strength training. Also ensure that you do not do very light exercises like walking or super light weight exercises because they are not intense enough for you to gain benefits. Do something that works your whole body and pushes you to get better. Go get more fit and STRONGer!

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