Training program app for Beginner and Pro men and women bodybuilder and fitness

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Training program app for Beginner and Pro men and women bodybuilder and fitness

Training program app provides the procedure of workout routines for Beginners , Body Builders , Female and people who needs Fitness.

Training program contains static images and steps to be followed, which clearly explains how to do workouts for Beginners(both male and female).

Body Builder in Training program section includes different workouts routines and procedures for each muscles along with steps.

Food and nutrition in Training program app section contains Diet Control Foods and Food for Body Builders.

Finally video in Training program section contains Video Links of popular Gym Trainers.

feature :

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EXERCISES to improve 6 kinds of muscles
— Abs workout help you have six pack
— Arms
— Butt workouts
— Leg workouts
— Back
— Chest

Each exercise has instruction, guidline and graphic.:
— Push up
— Squat
— Sit ups
— Plank
— Crunch
— Wall sit
— jumping jack
— punch

We composed the best routines, performed by professionals, so that you can perform in the comfort of your home:
— Abs in 5 minutes
— Sexy legs
— Buttocks
— Upper body workout
— Strengthen your body
— 7 minute workout

Consult your doctor to let you know the best exercise for your physical condition.

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