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To get your best abs it takes more than a few crunches and sit ups it is also about good nutrition, so this is why in this 5 minute ab toning video I am going to be going through the top 10 best belly flat foods while you are doing your toning. So excited to share this video – and you saw it here first 😹 Lucy xx

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26 Responses

  1. Emma Eléa says:

    Hi Lucy. Is it normal my upper back contracts a bit while doing the last exercise of this workout? Should I try to relax to rest of my body and keep my mind focused on my lower abs while doing that exercise? Thanks 🙂

  2. msdiva2u says:

    omg! that hurt so good… Thanx L

  3. Chloe Cloggs says:

    The way I'm watching this whilst eating a bag of cookies…hoping that me watching you will help me lose my belly😬😬

  4. CasaLandego says:

    Normally I have pretty flat abs but this summer I will be sporting a belly. #20weekspregnanttoday <3

  5. Gemma Whyte says:

    Loved this workout 💪🏻💕✨

  6. Charlotte says:

    great workout but don't eat animal products thinking they will make you slimmer :/

  7. rn2svu says:

    Fabulous loved it. Ten out of ten. Loved all the hints too.

  8. TelderKirkum says:

    #done excited for tomorrow!

  9. really enjoy 5hat work out thank you ☺

  10. Dawn M says:

    I just did this one a second time. I love it! I look forward to watching my body transform.

  11. Erin Payne says:

    Question, for anybody who knows the answer: It's obvious sugar is bad for you, but is it okay in certain foods? She suggests yogurt, but the ones that are supposedly healthy have somewhere around 13 grams of sugar. And frozen blueberries have 12 grams per serving. Is it okay still or no?

  12. Amy Wilson says:

    Can you recommend some workouts or moves to do in a swimming pool or while swimming? ☺️

  13. Brenn. says:

    I loveeee your standing abs workout because I always hurt my neck. Hate it. I'm not pulling it. Have my hands behind my ears so I'm not pulling at all but gonna try this one tomorrow. My legs aren't that flexible like yours Lucy lol. JEALOUS!!!!! I don't get them that high up

  14. I normally dread ab floor workouts but I've been doing your workouts for a year now and they are definitely getting easier and therefore more enjoyable! Thankyou Lucy 💕💕 xx

  15. Dawn M says:

    I'm curious as to why leg position you want at 11 and 2 o'clock. Why not 10 and 2? Wouldn't that be more even?

  16. C_Celine_e says:

    Hi Lucy, what would you suggest someone to snack on with a nut allergy?

  17. Mr. Mango says:

    loving your workouts 🙂

  18. Kerry Clark says:

    really enjoying these workouts thank you Lucy. Whats the best exercise to help me lose my "muffin top" 😂 and tighten my stomach?

  19. Ammara Khan says:

    plssss give ur watsapp num or any number so tht i can send my pics

  20. I'm guilty of gaining weight around my middle but these exercises were very doable! Thank you so much! Love your videos/challenges!

  21. Ammara Khan says:

    lucy m not losing weight on weighing scale but i feel more comfortable n easy in my clothes…my height is 5feet 4inch n my weight is 59 kgs

  22. Sonia Weber says:

    Oh, one moment you think: "Nice, just a floor-based-workout" and a few minutes later you sweat and feel muscles, you don't feel so often…

  23. Great workout. Thank you Lucy.

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