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25 Responses

  1. Ix Ax says:

    if you see a girl at the gym and she stays with the smitch machine for over a hour – you know where that is coming from

  2. Gigi Marie says:

    Oh Reese!! Bye 👋🏻 bye bye !! Good work you too !! Keep each other laughing 😂

  3. Hello beautiful family😃You look FABULOUS!!!

  4. brooke Kempe says:

    Please do some more vlogs!! I literally love you and your little family. 😊💗

  5. HimaJen says:

    I'm a member of a gym in Japan and they are extremely strict. We have to wear indoor shoes and follow all sorts of rules. If I put my shoes on the Smith machine for donkey kicks, I'd probably get banned from the gym. 😥😥😥The other exercises look great though!

  6. Oh my god I used to be the exact same at the gym! So shy 🙊 I used to stick to the same workout and machines. There is still some workouts I prefer to do at home like abs but it's just confidence! Love your vlogs 😘

  7. Please do a lower stomach workout

  8. I'm salty about the leggings being $80. That's more than lulu. I expected like $40 not $80

  9. Omg thank you! So helpful definitely gonna try!! Gonna reach my goals soon because of you!!! Love how you change women's life and confidence for the better and healthier happy life's!💖 much love 🎀🤞🏼

  10. Aroj says:

    this video just gave me so much motivation and I loved that you talked about how you were also afraid to go to the gym at first I was like that too

  11. Tayla Rivera says:

    Random question, but what shoes do you prefer when going to the gym? What are your comfiest? Would be blessed if you replied! Much love Tammy💕

  12. This is the only way I could think to get ahold of you since I don't have Twitter or IG lmao but my son was potty trained by a little less than 2! When we were at home I kept in naked, or in little underwear and monitored his juice/water intake, so if I knew he had a cup with his lunch I would take him every 30 min to potty! We got one of those pottys that sit on the floor so he could go himself if he wanted to! & reward him every time he goes 🙂 for example everytime my son went potty I'd let him have an M&M for a treat! Or I'd let him go swimming if he went the full morning afternoon without an accident! & for night time training I cut him off of juice/water at least 45 min before bedtime. Then woke up once during the night to take him. he hated it but he always went potty instead of having an accident. and CONSTANTLY ask if he has to go potty! if he says no, tell him y'all should go try atleast 🙂 sometimes the kiddos will say no just bc they're occupied playing. I hope this helps you mama bear! Good luck 💙💜

  13. taylor w says:

    you guys are funny af lol

  14. Lana Rae says:


  15. I am loving the blog 😊❤️

  16. Kathy Zahara says:

    Yes! 🔥🔥 going to add these workouts to my booty days in the gym!

  17. Thank you for the helpful smith machine workout. I am like you, I'm shy & hate walking around the gym 😭
    Love you 💋

  18. Areni Altun says:

    Hey Tammy, love this compilation of exercises, defs going to give them a go tomorrow! BUT, i have tried those donkey kick backs on the smith machine in the past but i always seem to fricken suck at them!! I don't know what i am doing wrong but the bar always gets caught on the machine so i can never properly do i kickback without the bar getting stuck mid way. Any idea how i can combat this dilemma haha? thanks xx

  19. Just Lisa says:

    Can you do a video of Saski collection plz?!!!!

  20. Lica T says:

    Could you post "back workout" some time?? Or you only do the deadlift for your back?? 'cause your back is amazingly perfect!! I love to watch all of your videos and have tried those methods you posted for my glutes and abs. It's very hard but has worked so well even on my asian body!! Hope you'd give us some tips for the back. Oh and congratulations on your success launching Saski Collection!! I'll definitely buy ones once I get enough money! Lots of LOVE from Japan

  21. Raw GLow says:

    How many grams of carbs do you eat in a day?

  22. Aysha Sian says:

    those fake tan blotches

  23. Gsaint 14 says:

    Should have a reality show ❤️

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