Military Boot Camp Workout

So you think you’re tough enough for another XHIT workout? Prove it. Drill sergeant Rebecca-Louise is ready to whip you into shape with a new hardcore routine. Don’t fall behind, soldier.

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45 Responses

  1. Tina Angel says:

    I like it. It kicked my but. I couldn't finish it. Lol. I'm sore now. Ty.

  2. I dont' think that stick is a drill sergeant.

  3. lina g says:

    I like your all video,but yuo talk too much


  5. Paul Smenis says:

    would fuck her ass hard

  6. I love doing these workouts only problem is that I have neighbors down stairs…

  7. This workout served its purpose – I just wanted to sweat and I did! Thank you..

  8. Ryn Ryn says:

    Lol im joining the air force and i KNOW this is nothing compared to what they will have

  9. Ashlie Lyon says:

    those are girly fashion boots.. nothing like the combat boots they wear in the military.. this is a joke

  10. petrocvet says:

    Bad pushups. You dont know how to jump. Bad squats.
    IF you REALLY squeeze the muscles , then you should have at least some muscles back in the ass. You dont . Its almost flat.

  11. I thought you were supposed to do a push-up in a burpee

  12. Melony Lynch says:

    Thanks RL! I enjoyed it and got a great calorie burn.

  13. I'm a 14 year old gymnast and this was nothing compared to the strength and conditioning that I do.

  14. I'm 10 years and I was able to do the hard-core stuff probably a teenager who were like oh it's too hard suck it up I could do it so can you besides nothing compared to Boot Camp

  15. If enemy soldiers see this "military workout" they die instantly because they have to laugh so hard

  16. Aleksas LTU says:

    You retards, just because she did HALF-PUSHUPS, doesn't mean it's made for pussies, who the fuck stops you from doing it the full way, like I did. And, also, you retards, she did the squats right, if you go all the way down you will only hurt your fucking joints you retards, if you don't go all the way down, it puts huge stress on your ACTUAL MUSCLES and not on the fucking joints, retards. Oh, one more fact, I haven't been in a military, but I been in a pre-military school, and I fucking know how it feels.

  17. Great workout!!!;)))

  18. she's beautiful and strong I like her

  19. Ive never left a negative comment on a video, but this is honestly shit. If you want a good military work out check out the standards for any branches PT test. An evaluator wouldn't count a single one of those pushups. I commend you on your optimism and encouragement but this is really nothing like a "military" workout.

  20. wtf thats not a squat or a push up

  21. Military inspired workout?….NO!! As a DOD Fitness trainer for the Navy, There was not one exercise you performed that we would endorse in the Military. I suggest you do your homework before opening your yap…BTW, eat a sandwich lady!!

  22. Never seen such a rubbish. "Pushups", "Squats".

  23. Kito sin says:

    go stand at ease and practice lifting your leg up to a 90 degree angle and hold it for 30 min and and see how painful that is

  24. Proud of you, and proud of me! 🙂 I kept pusshing and i finaly brought it to the end!

  25. Chris Potter says:

    The best push-ups are the diamond push-ups but when you do them as a regular push-up in a diamond form, pull your arms back a little towards your chest forcing you to do half push ups, those will definitely work your arms. Do reps of 10-15 depending how fit you are and if you can do more then go right ahead.

  26. the push ups are for women made or people who are not so strong.the rest is makes fun to make home training.nobody is disturbing you but also no fun with the nice women surround you

  27. Charlie R says:

    could she possibly do those burpees any slower??

  28. Charlie R says:

    ok, so can someone please tell me wtf she's wearing on her feet?? and how can you talk about keeping good form when you are demonstrating such poor technique. 🙁

  29. buu Ho says:

    this is a bitch ass work out not Military work out, sorry

  30. this is made for pussies lol, definately not a military workout. you cant even do pushups or squats right

  31. Lulu Andrade says:

    Did anyone else just stare at her baby love handles lol ?

  32. Fly Tusk says:

    I am 13 years old I accomplished this and do this everyday and I am up to were I can beat my 19 year old brother in arm wrestle and actual fighting so I am pretty tough or he is very weak

  33. Queen K says:

    I would like to start loosing weight, but I dont like working out. Can I have some advice on how to like working out and putting all of my effort into it. Thanks!

  34. omg I can't believe this. I've done this workout and I'm not even at my limits! Seems like all my fitness evenings worked out 😀

    and I have a question:
    I wanna join the military but I'm a girl and tbh I'm not that strong, do you think I could do it anyway ?

  35. Sally Sinan says:

    I just finished this workout and I expected a hard, sweaty workout but it went by fast and easy. Good job though.

  36. Hey! I love this workout. I have a question. Could you provide me with some guidance (or a video) on how to better do the triceps pushups? I still think that I am doing them incorrectly.

  37. Please stop calling this a Military workout..Absolutely shocking techniques on show and you sound out of breath on the warm up? Come back when you've qualified and then been through the British Army School of physical training, other wise you are part of the 'Walter Mitty' club.

  38. Wow, if you call that a burpee you need to go back to school. Its more like a power stand. WIth a burpee you lay your body flat on the ground, then jump up with an overhead clap. Maybe you should consider trying a Spartan race….

  39. lilcrazychon says:

    Am I the only sicko who gets turn on watching her videos

  40. Okay fr what are those pushups??? GO ALL THE WAY DOWN!

  41. MysTri says:

    Umm, so this is better than her previous videos – glad someone finally gave her a microphone. What I don't understand is the boots…?
    Nice workout though.

  42. the boots tho. ..lmao

  43. I enjoy the squats and the push-ups but am having troubles getting up at . Rebecca, your workouts are amazing. You take great pride in making your workouts fun (good outfits, good titles, good music, etc). I hope to see more vids by you.

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