Total Body Workout with Dani | Get Fit Quick! Cardio HIIT 10 Minute Home Workout for Beginners

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10 Minute Total Body Workout with Dani! Tone & Tighten HIIT Fitness at Home for Beginners

Dani gets you ready for bikini season with this quick and intense Total Body Workout! Great for all levels, this HIIT workout also has cardio benefits!

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7 Responses

  1. it really worked out for me

  2. Steve-o says:

    â›…Hi Sunshine😘some people need to know if they burn up to much energy😂, to stop & rest, restart before your heartbeat goes to normal. 💞Uxoxoxo C-ya😎Bye ✌💖🤗~🌞🌎⚬ …


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  5. Is this good for women who are 5.5 months pregnant?

  6. Chloe Herron says:

    I love your videos there so helpful!❤

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