Real Weights for REAL MEN Chest Workout

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Sean Torbati and Doug Miller join Marc Lobliner to attack pecs. Only real weights were used during the filming of this gainz-inducing chest workout.

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19 Responses

  1. i was going to make a gaming channel but i think ill make a fitness channel as well

  2. Ben says:

    Inb4 Brad Castleberry

  3. gasp he's you Casselberry weights EXPOSED! Jk keep on doing what your doing Mark and don't stop :D!

  4. Real weights for real gains for a real video for real viewers 🤔

  5. This music gets me so pumped to lift real heavy weights.

  6. "real weights" puts on slingshot, c'mon man for how big you are 405 for reps should be piece of cake

  7. REAL MEN lift to Regina Spektor?

  8. Yo Marc, whatever happened to that Vance Brahh dude?

  9. grandmarkai says:

    ''Real' calibrated weights have these little circular stamp stickers. It's obvious these guys are using fake weights and are acting. Not a single plate had the proper sticker applied. If anyone needs their weights properly registered and stickered, please DM me to discuss fees and scheduling. #blessup

  10. blacknattyy says:

    The big boys crushing it! Damn you mofos are strong!

    I can't wait to get back to my gaining phase after Worlds!

  11. MrRaZaDaNt says:

    Quality content right there bro.. However i don't think this plates and dumbells are real, too many world records in one video.. lol

  12. Matt Ward says:

    You should invite Jahino Blahino DickTwiceADay McBlowHole to your event so he can prove he is the largest extinct alien super being on planet Death Star.

  13. Alex Swartz says:

    Different definitions of real…

  14. You are the man, mark but don't you think this "real weights" thing is becoming a bit of an obsession for you? Lol.

  15. Heard anything from dingle berry yet about goin and proving he's a fake?

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