Pre workout and post workout meal | lean bulk

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13 Responses

  1. brother where is ur steroid stack

  2. hey can i refuel my body glycogen fron glucose water….plzz answer…..

  3. Patel Dhruv says:

    bhai main cigarette pita hoon meri body bansakti hai

  4. Ganu joshi says:

    thanks for information keep it up brother👍


    try this pintola peanut butter …better than sundrop peanut butter…pintola peanut butter is only made from peanuts and does not have salt and sugar or any kind of preservatives in it…so do give it a try..!!!

  6. Mohd Amer says:

    Hi bro…hw r u…i am the big fan of u ..the way u transformed ur body…just amazing ….i have watched ur every single video…u have hard worked a lot…keep it up bro….plsss bro can u give me a workout plan and meal plan….plss it will be very help full to me..i was a skinny …before 4 months …before 4 months my weight was 51 now my weight  is 60 …plss bro suggest me the best whey protien…… bro u can whats app me on 9515015853 name mohd amer….pls bro reply me soon i am in need of u …waiting for ur reply…thanks..

  7. MK 47 says:

    Bro If you can't Speak English Fluently On Camera Avoid Using English Talk In Hindi 🤘🏻

  8. Honey Bhogal says:

    bhai hindi mea vidio bnayea kijiye pls

  9. XLR 8 says:

    Bhai ki English bhut gyi guzri hai😂 teaspoon ni tablespoons.. n Bhai English Mt bol itna stammer krna ya sochna pdta hi to 😂

  10. Bro any reason why you dont take pre workout ?

  11. akshat hero of muscle pur

  12. ARUN DAS says:

    good information…keep it up bro…nyc job

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