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Post Workout is the time most people associate with a whey protein shake. Most people assume that downing a protein shake will maximize protein synthesis which in turn will promote muscle growth. Let us analyze the rationale of this post workout window of opportunity which it is colloquially called.
After a workout is finished normally there is a surge in the stress hormone called cortisol. High levels of cortisol are associated with
the decreased ability to build muscle mass and lose body fat.
Whenever you ingest some food cortisol levels come down.
In order for the post workout nutrition to really work it has to be backed by a solid pre workout and intra workout nutrition.
If that has been done already there is no immediate need for a protein shake.
An ideal post workout meal should have a lean protein source, a carbohydrate source and some healthy fats. This will ensure that body gets adequate nutrition after a tough workout.

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28 Responses

  1. Shiv Mishra says:

    sir aapki smile badi achhi hai ,, aap bolte bahut achha hai yaae

  2. Bhai tum sbse alag hi information de rahe ho….pta ni yrr Tum log kya chahte ho ..sbki alag alag raaye hai…

  3. ad thakur0 says:

    sir..can we have eggs & fully fat milk together right after workout..????

  4. basudev dash says:

    after workout we can take meal or home made milk shake.

  5. Gagan Singh says:

    sir summer ka diet plan banado please because peanuts honey flaxseeds cannot be eat in summer

  6. very informative clear my all doughts…nice bro kepp it up

  7. can i take 4 whole eggs instead of milk or whey protine..

  8. can i drink banana shake and then boiled eggs in a gap of 1hour post workout i m building my body just for normal purpose

  9. Ashok Yadav says:

    bhai sahi samjaya kar

  10. sir raw whey le sktay h kya.

  11. i m beginner …so mujhe kabse protein powder lena start karna chahiye?? plzz tell me?

  12. Fit & Tech says:

    me between workout.. carbs le skta hu..

    muscleblaze carbs blend

  13. so finally we take only whole milk after post workout ……?

  14. Nikita Patil says:

    wat to do for weightlos for working women plzzz reply yar


  16. Akhil kumar says:

    masturbation effects on muscles ke bare mein kuch bathaiye

  17. Bhai…beard or muschases ko grow krne pr video bnao

  18. yes u right this is my own experience jym k bad agr ap carb n fat lete hai to weight easily loss hota hai I was also very confused kyu ki hum suni sunai bato pr jyada vishwas krte hai aur is kadar krte hai ki khud ke experience par bhi doubt hota hai but thanks anurag aj ye apka video dekh kr now umm sure mujhe kya krna hai ….but umm bit struggling coz of my hormones as I am suffering with pcod , but still I am down 6 kg …n need to loose another 10 kg so I need ur help ..hope u will ..thanks

  19. K khaN says:

    Arey bhai tu logu ko misguide kyu kar raha hai…….post workout sabse imp. meal hai isme fast digesting protein chahiye hota hai islye sab whey isolate leta hai……..Tera ko kis chutiye ne bola ki post workout mai paneer aur milk lena chahiye……..Agar tujhe kuch pata nhi hai toh plzzz logu ko misguide b nhi karo

  20. Can we take ur mass gainer drink in post workout meal

  21. Ravi gope says:

    bahut chatta ho yaar

  22. SSC CGL EXAM says:

    sir i take 300 groundnut in whole day? is it good?

  23. Vicky Singh says:

    workout ke baad rice le sakte hai

  24. Shazad Khan says:

    guru mann se poocho ja kar k post workout mai milk lena chahye ya nahi :p

  25. Right now I have a weight of around 81 which was 83, and my height is 5.5, so what I know is to get the weight down to somewhere 60 (correct me), I am not taking rice, potatoe as food intake but chana moong, suji ka chilla, chach, dahi , no tea or coffee. I am taking luke warm water all the time. I also have started taking Ashwagandha which is showing a very positive result for me …. and I happy that my weight is going down day be the day, I have a weighing scale too. But still give some more suggestion for my better health. Thanks

  26. Lakhan TL says:

    How long should i see progress in my gains?

  27. nasir jahan says:

    bhai yeh batha do khana kya hai

  28. Mustafa says:

    Does lifting weight build muscle or you can build muscle without weight lifting?????

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