Upper Body Depletion Workout For Men Physique And Classic Physique | 5 Days Out! | Raw Footage

Shoutout for the Inspiration of the movie “The Perfect Physique” what it takes To acquire the best physiques in the world!! takes relentless desire, fierce drive and unwavering discipline. The struggle is real. Made me wanting to do this series and document my Men physique journey and also Christian Guzman Summer Shredding also play role for me to do it! He is someone I idolize in the fitness industry!
The motto “G.R.I.N.D.T.I.M.E”
Get Ready It’s a New Day (GRIND)
Transform, Inspire, Motivate, Evolve (TIME) MAKE GAINS or Remain the same! It’s GRINDTIME
Love pushing my body to the next level! I wanted to do this project in front of yall eyes and just transform and hope I can inspire someone to chase their goals! Like I’m doing mines!





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