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There are very few women’s fitness workouts that truly address those needs of women.Ultimate Sandbag Training women’s fitness workouts hits all the parts that women care about most. See how our Ultimate Sandbag Training program can help women’s fitness by being effective and versatile.

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5 Responses

  1. Great exercises!! My sandbag is coming soon! I'd like to know… How many pounds are you using in yours??

  2. creosotegirl says:

    I like that she's not flaunting a half naked body and that the video focuses on the exercises and not her butt.

  3. ea6a says:

    @yukap13 Your post is one year old. Happy Birthday.

  4. ea6a says:

    Are they using east coast or west coast sand? There is a small, yet noticeable difference.

  5. mitziepoo1 says:

    Like the different exercises, especially the marine corp squat and lateral lunge. Haven't seen the lateral lunge anywhere. Simple, clean and to the point without a lot of talking. Like the music…who is the artist?

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