FIT-ZONE Level-1 BodyWeight Workout for Men & Women by Guru Mann

🔰 “FIT ZONE” Level-1 Body Workout.
🔹You can add in your existing gym routine on your cardio days twice a week.
🔹If you don’t go to the gym or don’t have time to workout at the gym then do this workout every other day at home or park or anywhere outside!!
🔹No Dumbbells No machine needed
🔹It’s for both Men & Women (all age)
🔹Follow “Shredded Next Level” nutrition plan with this workout.

1. Jump Squat 15
2. Multiple Lunges 15
3. Plank Elbow up 15
4. T Push-ups 15
5. Push Through
6. V Crunches
7. Side Twist

🔹Perform 7 exercises back to back without rest
🔹Then 1 minute rest
🔹15 reps per exercise
🔹Perform 3-4 rounds
🔻For Men
🔻For Women

❤❤❤ Thanks and Love #GuruMann ❤❤❤

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34 Responses

  1. demon duskk says:

    Great workout!
    Can you pls let me know if this workout is ok if you are skinny and want to gain, or I should follow `Gainer` program..? or
    this workout with just the nutrition plan for Gainer program?

  2. Mani Raj says:

    guru mann sir you r deal guru

  3. AAZinvicto says:

    I'll try this workout,

  4. she is fit n beautiful. <3

  5. Jason DT says:

    you are true motivator. Nice video thanks

  6. Shareq Ahmed says:

    sir plz do a review of hebalife products

  7. Hi gurumann. I delivered a baby 6 months ago and just have been deciding to start workout since last three months. My body weight has increased immensely. Please recommend a diet which I can follow while breastfeeding my baby and doing body weight workout

  8. I am following yor 5×5 exercise its really effective and nw in gym aprox whole gym following this exercise

  9. Sir is it possible to get 5-6 percent body fat without any steroids or fat burners?

  10. sir plz give a review on AMWAY NUTRILITE PROTEIN POWDER ….plzz

  11. The girl has better legs than his GURU 🙂

  12. PRINCE VERMA says:

    hello sir please review for Health Viva's Omega 3, calcium nd multivitamin

  13. Rohit Kumar says:

    Great video sir, but can these excersises help in reducing belly fat ?

  14. Sir I am A Vegan.
    for proteins intake can I prefer
    Tofu( Soya Paneer) soy protein shake and Spirulina.
    How much grams should I take ??.. Three of them ??.
    Sir I am having multi vitamins & multi minerals after breakfast & 1 gram of flax seed oil. with this how much gram can I take Spirulina.
    Benefits of Spirulina ??..

  15. Hello Guru Mann Sir. I need your help. My younger brother is Cricketer playing for his state at present. He is 15 years old. Can You provide a training programme for Cricketers, To increase Stamina, Strength and Endurance. It will help a lot. Please Sir reply to this comment.. ….

  16. shashi kumar says:

    sir I ve one question from past 3 months I m going to gym, from last week my body a shivering wen I do the exercises n I m following pure mass concept can u tel me the solution?

  17. Prince Pal says:

    sir i am big fan of urs can u tell me a homemade whey protein ?? with appropriate amount of protein to recover muscle?

  18. What should be the diet while following this workout for fat loss

  19. LJ says:

    I am 16yr old height 5'5 can I take whey protein to lose weight ??

  20. Anany Omar says:

    Bhai khana khane ke baad tahalna chahiye ya phir straight baithna chahiye ya kuch aur jisse pet na nikle please recommend

  21. sir did you say that we must replace it with cardio? because i am currently doing cardio by running in the stairs for 10-15 minutes before doing this workout . Is it okay sir ? SIR PLEASE PLEASE REPLY

  22. Sofi Sarkar says:

    maan saab running ka sath hamara muscle per koe harmful effect ha sir plzz till me sir

    because am join a army so running is important

  23. Sofi Sarkar says:

    maan saab running ka sath hamara muscle per koe harmful effect ha sir plzz till me sir

    because am join a army so running is important

  24. Raj Pawar says:

    ☺Gurumann sir if possible, plzzz upload sm self body weight excersises fr men to increase hardcore strength. For eg- the people who excersice on the street wth unexpected excersises and stamina Wch is nt possible to do to a regular fitness member or a normal trainer also. Upload fr eg- 15 to 20 excersises Wch r very tough to do bt after learning to it our body strength WL increase….thkku sir..😘

  25. aman deep says:

    sir please teach about deadlift and other lower back workouts

  26. Anmol Soni says:

    very nice work sir, kindly suggest me some good peanut butter brand available in India.
    can we replace peanut butter with Nutella hazelnut spread?

  27. Swapnil Gore says:

    initial background music from tvf pitchers

  28. Swapnil Gore says:

    initial background music from tvf pitchers

  29. Ashal Lama says:

    dude what happens to your body

  30. manoj rawat says:

    bhai mein canada mein rehta hoon…….isliya mujhe pata hai aap ka accent fake nahi balki us/canada ka accent ho gaya hai……….anyways keep it up……..haters gonna hate hate hate hate …shake it up….shake it up.

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