Tips for Pre & Post Workout Meals

I discuss and go into detail the WHAT, WHY, HOW and WHEN for pre, intra and post workout meals. Why they are important in reaching your goals, wether that be weight loss, maintain and gain!

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14 Responses

  1. Thank you, Jen! You have impeccable timing. I was just having a conversation/disagreement with my boyfriend about post workout meals and how we have very different body types and metabolism. I will share this with him πŸ˜€

  2. Your Beautiful <3 Great Video πŸ™‚

  3. Super informative video! I learned alot from it. Thank you Jen!! 😁

  4. B Hawthorne says:

    Still following your advice and watching you made everything click finally. it's almost a year in now and I gotta say I feel so much better than I ever have health wise and I really credit you and your willingness to share your knowledge with us so freely as to why I've been able to successfully do this on my own. really was completely lost to the whole nutrition aspect of health and fitness til you. so thank you so much, idk about anyone else but you really have helped me genuinely πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

  5. #jenheward love you ❀️❀️

  6. Thank you so much for doing videos like these. I am finally going to stick to my healthy lifestyle because I want to be able to be in at least 1 competition and be able to help people that struggle like me achieve what they want even if they have hypothyroidism like I do. I thank you so much hunnybuns/ Jen for being so helpful and being honest and truthful ❀️😌😁

  7. J says:

    😘 Thanks Jen, love this style of videos you make, so informative but at the same time the knowledge is easy to grasp from all you say 😊

  8. I have a problem with eating too much sugar.. i can go a few weeks eating amazing then just crash and binge on shitty foods! i feel so bad for my trainer because my body results yoyo all the time :((( do you have any advice???

  9. What about intermittent fasting? If I want to lose weight and I exercise in a fasted state will that help me burn fat faster? (I want to build muscle also)

  10. Gaby Cal says:

    Love you sharing your experience! Thanks

  11. Girl, this video is right on timeπŸ’•

  12. What happened to your vlogs ? i miss those even though these videos are still very informative ! it would be nice to see you change it up every now and then.

  13. Jessica MB says:

    Hilarious you did this video jen!!! I literally was digging through the fridge after my workout and not knowing what was best

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