The Khloe Kardashian Official Workout Routine

Khloe’s trainer, Gunnar Peterson, shared with us her revenge body workout. Follow along with Certified Personal Trainer, Alex Silver-Fagan!

Complete this routine two or three times a week on nonconsecutive days. Starting with the first exercise, do the prescribed number of reps, then rest 10 to 30 seconds. Do two to five sets of each move, then continue to the next move and repeat until you’ve done the entire routine.

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35 Responses

  1. Odell Bette says:

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  2. Summer Baby says:

    To get the best results and get a revenge body, shoulda we be doin these workouts everyday? I had back surgery and it's very hard for me to do squats/jumps, and lower back exercises in general. I jus would like some advice on how to get to look this amazing, while not aggravating my injury. Does anyone have any tips? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks loves!

  3. Sydney Parks says:

    She makes it look easy ..

  4. Lily Spera says:

    If Chloe were to get her butt just by working out, her thighs would be super muscly. Also, it only took about a year for her transformation so I'd imagine that she got implants. It's physically impossible for all of that to happen and fir her to not grow extra muscle on other parts of her body.

  5. AlizzB 3000 says:

    You need more exercise for your left leg is too diferent

  6. Ella Mae says:

    I dont think she got the butt with that, BUT she might've gotten a little bit of it, the Cosmetic Enhancements did the rest. Like Kim, It really isn't bad as long as you arent shady about it

  7. sal3s3 says:

    Didn't watch. Just wanted to give it a thumbs down because anyone with any knowledge of the human body and fitness knows KK didn't sculpt her body with food and fitness. She sat in an office and consulted with a cosmetic surgeon and booked appointments. Shame on her and the fitness and beauty industries (magazines, YouTube videos, tv shows, etc.) for trying to make innocent, unknowing people believe that she did. You suck! Too many telltale signs: her body structure before surgeries and weight loss was totally different from the other sisters and now her body strikingly resembles Kim K's. Same surgeon, maybe? Hmmmm……..

  8. Elena says:

    She reminds me of Nina Dobrev and the voice kinda

  9. aero9111 says:

    Your squats need work. You're not going low enough.

  10. Sophia Pang says:

    Bend down…and snap!

  11. For squats make sure you don't do what she's doing, don't let your knees go past your toes, ever.

  12. riri says:

    Wow shes not shy to working out! Her legs are amazing

  13. You guys have any household items you could use instead of weights and medicine balls?

  14. Nicky Subono says:

    how heavy are the weights? cheers!

  15. julie sparks says:

    did you say how many sets?

  16. Theres something wierd about her legs. it looks like one went through cardio and the other through pumping ! good workout though !

  17. Toni Johnson says:

    These exercises look doable

  18. Droepram says:

    A huge fan of Khloe Kardashian? Please tell me you aren't serious.

  19. Olga Slavkov says:

    I love khloes body ughskwv

  20. Jenny Lopez says:

    she looks like nina dobrev and shailene woodley ??

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  22. What other work out for you do to have those legs?

  23. Sally Blue says:

    can we use both dumbbells instead of a medicine ball ?

  24. Ssandora P. says:

    you're so pretty & healthy looking

  25. not to be a shady bitch, but Kloe is by far my favorite Kardashian lol. i just have to say it. I really, really like her.

  26. Zahn Febe says:

    Super Dankeschön !!

  27. Marcela A says:

    Nothing my trainer hasn't had me do. However, my booty didn't grow by using light weight….frequent 250lb+squats and heavy leg days did that.

  28. Misvill74 says:

    Saving these!!! Thanks 😘

  29. This video is awesome. I'm going to try this workout. Thanks for posting!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    "I am sure that is how Khloe got that booty" lol. Come on, we all know it's virtually impossible (without cosmetic enhancements) to basically triple the size of your butt whilst losing so much body fat.

    I love Alex's legs though, I am so envious!

  31. how many lbs is the weights?

  32. How to lose fat on your belly only

  33. show us something that we haven't tried yet

  34. Sheryl S. says:

    She looks like Shailene Woodley

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