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But visible abdominal muscles aren’t impossible, but you might need to commit to doing more than standard sit-ups. The best abdominal exercises for women target four muscle groups in your core.

External Abdominal Obliques
The external obliques are the muscles in your sides that you can feel just beneath your arms, along your ribcage.

Internal Abdominal Obliques
The internal obliques are stabilizing muscles that lie underneath your external obliques.

Transversus Abdominus
These are the deepest muscles. They run horizontally around your midsection

abs exercise for men – Abs workouts 10-minute abs workout · Incinerate belly fat Abs Exercise For Mens: 10+:

I would hate to order it and have to alter all of how to see your abs without flexing

it 8 Minute Ab Workout For A Six Pack
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Most of the best ab workouts for men come under core muscle workouts 15 Minute At Home Workout For Men-No Weights
Great at home workout for women to target a flat stomach workout you can do all

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