ABS WORKOUT FOR WOMEN | 20 Mins Home Workout, NO Weights Needed!



Two rounds of 30 sec work on EACH exercises/side:
1.Side plank crunch
2.Static hold (until it burns) + hallow crunches
3.Side plank movement
4.V-ups superset with: Crossed V-ups
5.Side jack knives
6.Plank movement (hand to shoulder)superset with:
Moving plank (hand/elbow walk)
Hi guys! Here’s a fast and effective workout for your abs. Perfect if you want to have that six pack coming 😉 For this workout you don’t need any equipment or weights, so this is works as a home workout too. You can do it either at home or in the gym, it’s up to you. You usually talk about six pack shortcuts and how to get a six pack in 3 minutes. To be fair there’s no secrets besides hard work in the gym and also good food to make those abs visible. Hope you will find this abs workout video tutorial worthwhile watching.

I hope you’ll find this useful, please comment below if you have any suggestions on future videos or such!
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31 Responses

  1. Your one of the most positive youtubers putting content out ✨I love watching your videos before I hit the gym you motivate me to go so much harder! Also I did one of your back workouts the other day it was such a killer I could hardly lift anything 2 days after, I cant wait to do this workout 😊💪 Also I love your tan, brows and your outfits also motivates me 🙌🌹 Thank you Hanna, cant wait for the next video😘

  2. Inky Fit says:

    this thight is coming soon or is in the shop ?

  3. Demi Mour says:

    finally! a really good bodyweight ab workout! i would deeply appreciate it if u'd make a bodyweight workout for legs. i am at a place with no gym or equipment at the moment and i want to make sure that ofc i won't gain muscle but to make sure i don't lose that much. thanks!

  4. i 💜you
    thank you so much for motivation

  5. Bella💜 Excelente rutina de abs 💪

  6. Reem Bilal says:

    Can't you please do a video showing some exercises for abs with the pull up bar ?!!? 💓💓

  7. Rina Ordonez says:

    What proteins do you recommend that won’t have soy lecithin. I was taking UMP by Beverly international but contains soy lecithin and soy fiber.

  8. zainab ali says:

    It’s very good workout and so easy I’m on weight loss journey and I suffer from pregnancy belly do you think that workout will help to have flattened stomach 😭😭

  9. Ahhhhh I love u and ur videos you inspire me so much!!! Even through the tough times were my parents don't support me being in love and having a passion for power lifting and working out consistently

  10. Alana Hunter says:

    Can't wait to try this workout 😍 thanks for putting it up Hanna 😘

  11. Vart har du köpt adidadskorna du har på dig? 😍

  12. Synne Vedvik says:

    How long should I do these exeecises? Or like how many reps of each? Hehe. Loveu Hanna<33

  13. Jag gillar också att träna abs med kroppsvikt och kort vila för att få den kontakt jag vill ha (har lätt att använda adductorerna annars). Ska nog också fokusera mer på obliques så det blir att prova de övningarna! 💪🏼

  14. Tabea says:

    i just read that we shall comment if we have any suggestions for future videos. so i would loooove to see a new gym motivation video. i mean just you training + music . that would be awesome <3

  15. Watching this make my abs hurt lol

  16. You look amazing once again ! You inspire me daily to continue working out. Keep up the great work Hanna 💪✌💯🎯🏆 Fitness women are without a doubt , the most sexiest and respected and smartest women in the world. I watched all your videos on YouTube and instagram including the commercials. You are the definition of Perfection !

  17. Plan on doing tomorrow😜 love your videos!!!

  18. Did this. Abs don’t like me right now. 🙌🙌

  19. Thank you for sharing. I love your English. You are so fun😘

  20. Thank you 😘 I know what i'll be training tomorrow 😉😄

  21. Du er så kreativ! Gir meg motivasjon og inspirasjon!

  22. Anna Gie. says:

    I don't like my abs cause its ugly.. but I do the workouts for stomach to keep it on track 😉 love this video, as always helpful 💚

  23. I love your videos, I take exercises from your videos all the time and I love them 🙂

  24. Erika A says:

    partner exercises with Johanna? 😀

  25. tgus70 says:

    Good work at Always 🤗👏🌷

  26. Zoe Arp says:

    I know u have had some issues w haters but I want u to know what is far more important than any troll talk is that u motivate me to be my best. I used to live in Sweden (jag är en Viking I hjärtat!) so I was immediately drawn to you but you also are so good at explaining little nuances I should pay attention to as I do your workouts/exercises. You are also an inspiration as I am working on some videos for my own clients (I am a Fascial Stretch Specialist). You have inspired and helped me get into shape and from the looks of all the comments you are such a positive influence for many. You are changing lives and reaching for your highest potential, please don’t let people that would prefer to spend their time bringing you down rather than reach their own affect the huge impact you have on all of our lives. Thank you so much for all your hard work and I will be watching all your videos to come!

  27. rola beauty says:

    Day made….wish u a great Sunday..love your workout

  28. Just started hitting the Gym since August due to arthritis problem. Finding your channel motivates me more than you probably expect. Thank you so much. 😘😘😘


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