Winter Workout Routine!

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49 Responses

  1. Alyiah Huff says:

    Omg thank u it's still winter so I am so lazy but this actually motivated me to go work out

  2. Ashley King says:

    I've got the workout down and the motivation but eating healthy in winter is so hard lol

  3. Is she in Canada? Cause I am. Only wondering because she said Celsius

  4. I really need to move more, every time I run, my feet do a noise and then it hurts…

  5. 1nternette says:

    btw , abs abs abs abs

  6. 1nternette says:

    -23° degrees Celsius would be -9.4 degrees Fahrenheit , hope this helped 😋

  7. Kayla Brooke says:

    I just turned 13 November 20th and I feel over weight. I'm 90.8 pounds

  8. I like yuor work out it is fun to ok

  9. I just recently started and MY THIGHS SHAKE!!!!! Also I have damaged my tailbone :/ DO u think u can do a routine for beginners love yaaaa

  10. Rita John says:

    -20° Wow really cold

  11. i did'nt fownd your instgram

  12. Holly Jensen says:

    So I just saw this video the other day and I wanted to work out now it's nearly summer and all and it's rainy so I decided to do the winter workout and as much as it hurts to do them (I'm not completely in shape but I'm also not out of shape) either way it feels great so work out!! So thank you for this video!!

  13. Sella Tawake says:

    I love you so much!!!!! Thanks for inspiring me and other! Plz to more of these workout vids! 💖

  14. TRIPLEMCHIC says:

    Alex your so adorable, & your personality is so down to earth, girl I'm so happy I discovered your channel.. New Subbie 🙂 But You've truly inspired me so much towards my videos! xoxo

  15. ℹ love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. N says:

    Love the arm exercises here! They work! 😍

  17. Mandy Duran says:

    i dont think she understands what ghetto means

  18. who is watching this in 2016

  19. Where is your sweater from?😍

  20. Sofia Gk says:

    "This top is so ghetto"
    "I wanna be able to beat up by boyfriend"
    What the fuck girl.

  21. Yes, finally someone who can understand my struggle. For atleast a full month of the winter where I live (Alberta Canada) it's freeeezing. Like -20/-30 so I'm glad you made this video

  22. Riley Miller says:

    4 min intro ? Really ?

  23. mal. 1989 says:

    i really loved your workouts in this video and will definatly motivate my self this week xx ly

  24. Kylie Percha says:

    watching this while eating m&ms

  25. Nikita Love says:

    I liked the vid but use of the word ghetto was so unnecessary 🙁

  26. Sophia Rock says:

    you look so much like Taylor Swift

  27. The most effctiv for me are absolutly 7 minutes long work outs. I do 7 minutes Butt work out twice, 7 minutes stomach work out twice, 10 minutes legs work out and 10 minutes arms e
    work out. It is the best for me i love it i dont even have to push myself to work out. It is fun. Try it. It is on Be fit channel

  28. Your voice is EXACTLY like "makemeblush02"

  29. Loved this video! ☺️

  30. I just now found your channel and I've just been watching your videos! I'm trying to change my lifestyle so your channel/videos are really helpful and greatly edited. Just subbed (:

  31. "like how am i supposed to get my pizza😂"

  32. thx for some recomdation!!

  33. such a long intro😩😂

  34. Lena Sophie says:

    I have exact the same shirt/top from my mum too 😀 lol

  35. Lea Candido says:

    you kind of look like taylor swift

  36. Can you do a tutorial of how you take your pictures (if you take your own pictures)

  37. You hair looks PERFECT!!!!!!!! 😍

  38. Zoe Delane says:

    Watching this now in 2015<3 I immediately subscribed!

  39. Tia Sawyer says:

    Canadian workout 😂😂

  40. TheFrecklish says:

    You workout with makeup on? I'm always a total sweaty mess after a workout, I don't know what I'd look like if I wore makeup, especially mascara.

  41. chouhaz dz says:

    thank you for this video.. plz how do u do to keep your shoulder straight after stopping swimming??

  42. Evelyn Vega says:

    great workout tips! 🙂 i just subbed.

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