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24 Responses

  1. Denise Loera says:

    i want the athena leggings especially in mauvelous when are they coming out?

  2. Yeah definitely starting in January can’t wait !! Haha love you Heidi!!💙💙

  3. Where can I buy a phone decoy

  4. Abi Wright says:

    Heidi, I love your vlogs so much! Also, I finally ordered my first pair of Buffbunny leggings and I'm so excited to get them! I've been watching your videos since before you even started the clothing line, but I'm a broke college student so it took me a while to buy a pair. 😂

  5. Jennifer P says:

    How long/far do you recommend sprinting? Thanks for sharing your workouts they always make me so sore!

  6. LAURA CEE says:

    So grateful you posted your program! I’ll be following it as well ♥️ I’m starting school for General Electrician and want to build my strength for the field whilst completing school. Thank you! 🙏🏽

  7. Jess says:

    Is there a PDF file we can have for the program pretty pleasssseeee?

  8. Keiko Mayeda says:

    Omg that little fashion show was so adorable!! And the new pieces look incredible! Got my hands on the aurora croptop in marlin and the Luna leggings in black 😍 Can't wait to get them!!
    And your workout program for the next 4 weeks looks amazing! I'm going to try to do it as well ❤️❤️ Your videos are always so amazing!!

  9. so happy you’re uploading videos again💓💓

  10. Jordan Tubbs says:

    Heidi!!! What was the song at the end of your Halloween video???? It has been driving me crazy!

  11. I really like this 4 week program will you show us a video of the arm back and shoulder days to pretty please?!?!?!

  12. Lily Pereira says:

    Has anyone bought these leggings? Are they comparable to lululemon. I love lulu but soooo expensive

  13. fitbyindi says:

    The day ur leggings released my dad sent me a text asking my leggings size so you know what imma be getting for Xmas🙌🏻😂The new releases are soooo prettyyy!!!

  14. Clair Yee says:

    ❤️❤️😘😘😘😘 thank you for all that you do Heidi, it's appreciated. Sending you hugs and love from Malaysia.

  15. Yes!! Starts now! I’m
    Totally opposite of you though, it’s easy for
    Me to build up my legs so I actually am
    Trying to lean out. Any recommendations? Oh I saw the high protein kodiak pancake mix, I wanna give it a try on
    A high carb day. Love your content! Are you going to do any meet ups in LA or San Diego???

  16. Yay I’m so excited to follow along with your 4 week workout plan. I love you, love your motivation, and I always look forward to your vlogs ❤️😊 thank you!

  17. Awesome! What better timing to have workout plan while i get 2 weeks off from work:) thanks Heidi!

  18. yvettegisais says:

    Hey girl just thought I'd let you know I was about to buy some Lululemons for the first time but I remembered that you had a launch and I decided to support you instead of a big corporation. I know it's not a lot and if I had the money to buy more of your clothes trust me girl I WOULD and I know this is just a comment but I really want to thank you for being such an amazing and inspiring WOMAN. You literally inspired me to get into fitness and take care of my body which in turn has made me such a happier person. I hope you continue to grow and thrive! Love you 🙂

  19. Fabio says:

    Why does your intro sound like some Caillou shit

  20. Taylor Kiley says:

    Going to try this program when I’m done being sick! Also noticed my two crop tops from the December 14th launch are going to arrive in two days! The BuffBunny collection team is so quick! Beyond excited. Christmas gift to myself 💕 wish I could have bought everythinggggg.

  21. Bren Perez says:

    Leggings look great !! Good job ! Hard work is definitely noticeable

  22. can you also put together a meal plan for these 4 weeks? I really need help figuring out what to eat

  23. I needed this. Thanks. ❤️ The struggle is real. 😆

  24. Seeing that your line only accommodates to women size 12 or smaller is not very empowering.

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