SLIM THICK Fitness Routine: Keeping my Waist Snatched & Ahh Phat


*WATCH in HD* Hey guys! So I decided to collaborate with @AurelieIrene to demonstrate how we achieve our bodies! The goal of this video is to give you guys insight on what you could do to potentially help you achieve a slimmer waist and a perky bootay. If you don’t have a slim waist or a perky booty, YOU ARE STILL GORGEOUS! But you already knew that 😉 I promote #SelfLove, and there are many ways that we can obtain that. I choose to work out and keep my body in a somewhat healthy state because it makes me feel great, confident, and healthy.

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GOD BLESS. Thanks again for watching!

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41 Responses

  1. omg your so slim thick teach me your ways

  2. Kiya L. says:

    I was just like man….I wish there were some black fitness babes on YT.

  3. You have no have no idea what you're doing…Your range of motion made me kinda mad, it's never "oh well" when it comes to depth when u squat and you put that out there for other girls? All of those hamstring curls, that padding should be touching ur hamstring when u curl it upwards … Aaah… But it's better than nothing and everyone starts somewhere..

  4. i_am_kera says:

    😂Creeper in the mirror😂2:42

  5. i_am_kera says:

    When I first heard her intro I said oh shit that’s my song
    I subscribed immediately

  6. OMGOSH my name is Bethany too!!!

  7. Val Young says:

    The thumbnail though😨😍😍😍😍😍😆

  8. Whats the intro song called 😍

  9. I subscribed right away when I heard the song Goldlink 😭💖

  10. The only I dont respect about this video is CLICK BAIT the darkskinned girl with curves is NOT Bethany girrrrl bye get real post your self not IG models. Just saying false adverstismdent.


  12. Pamela Tyler says:

    We just cu ..ser. .prity. and lov one

  13. Yes, girl! All the way snatched

  14. your Body is not perfect? are you kidding me? this body is a "woooow"

  15. Nice video beautiful I really love it

  16. Rose Cactus says:

    I just ran into this video looking for new exercises and subscribed . you looking amazing

  17. p teazy says:

    What song is on in the background?

  18. Wally Smitty says:

    now you just need a hot honey massage… from waa

  19. Wally Smitty says:

    Bethany wow l like the move at 1:20 but you are naturally beautiful so your body is art automatically, don't need tattoos just smell sexy…

  20. Lauren Zama says:

    you don't know what anything is called but you're doing a video teaching people. youtube, regulate this

  21. No surgery! Healthy diet! Beautiful skin and great natural hair , amazing body … u bad 👌🏿🌞

  22. Linda vem pra o Brasil você é linda você é linda amor

  23. Rafael Porto says:

    Shut up and sit on my face right now

  24. Please do some more research before you post. This was not super helpful, because you kept just saying "um, I don't know".

  25. Laura 30 says:

    whats the name of the song of the start in the video???

  26. 5:38 “then I do 20 squats on this thing”…haha well what is it? Haha if your legit you’d know what to call that thing…lol

  27. Mike John says:

    sees ass in thumbnail: "you know why im here" marshawn lynch voice

  28. Great video thanks for the workout tips!

  29. Your workout is great but omg I got scared when you said to follow your girl Aurelie because I was looking away from the screen and she has the same name as me. I was like wtf? Why is she putting my business out there?

  30. I just ate a whole family size bag of Doritos while watching this.😂

  31. You are beautiful and your body is just wow girl! I'm going to try your tips and see what happens! Thanks!

  32. M Santos says:

    Your doing the exercices in a bad form

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