20-Minute Flat-Belly and Toned-Arms Workout

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22 Responses

  1. D Molina says:

    Did it with 15s and almost died. Im a guy hahahah def bigger arms

  2. Alison says:

    This is my favorite short workout to do when I don't have a lot of time!!!

  3. Lasya Tata says:

    Does the help in flattening the tummy??

  4. I have done it two times and feels greeeat! 😀

  5. Jane Anon says:

    This looks great! Adding it to the rotation today ❤

  6. Janice Jones says:

    Amazing for just 20 minutes!!!  Would you consider workouts to prepare us girls for summer kayaking during the winter months?  Thanks again!!

  7. YeazyNation says:

    is this guys and woman?? workout i figure it is but just asking

  8. This is one of my favourites! I love your workouts, Anna! They actually work the crap out of me! Since I started watching what I eat and working out, I actually lost a lot of body fat and I appreciate your videos for that! Crazy how 20 min can make me breathe this hard!!

  9. Aren't we suppose to keep our body's steady when we do the tricep things where you are bent over and your forearms and hands are going back? Cause the lady in front was REALLY swinging them and using momentum. is that the right way?

  10. Vanessa Hall says:

    So good! I will be back

  11. Rose Kay says:

    Such a great, easy, yet effective exercise session! Thank you so much!!!

  12. Awesome video…. feels like a total body workout. Beats sitting in the gym on the machines doing just arms. Also I see the benefits of free weights.

  13. I love it. Doing as often as possible. Thanks a lot.

  14. I am just loving these popsugar videos!!! Mom's get so busy with everything it seems like and these videos are short sweet and to the point! KEEP THEM COMING! I would love to see some yoga or Pilates from you too!!!!

  15. How many calories does this burn please?

  16. I like guides from Unflexal . I learned a lot of new workouts practices there

  17. jellieee says:

    one of my favourite workouts!!

  18. Jinky says:

    Great workout!! Thank you!

  19. So far, this is my favorite workout! It's good to be back to working out from my sickness! MAAAAN!

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