Full Body or Split Workout for Women?

In this episode, Grant Lofthouse reveals if women should do full body or split workouts?

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3 Responses

  1. truthtoknow says:

    I know that full body workouts are better for me, but it feels like they actually do take more time from me. I might spend less time going to the gym, changing clothes, warming up, stretching, etc., but a full body workout takes about 90 minutes to complete and I am completely useless for the rest of the day because it's so tiring.
    So what if I switch between lower body and upper body for 6 days and then take a day rest? My muscles can still rest 48 hours between each workout and I might be able to go higher volume (4 sets instead of 3). Or should I have more 'full body rest days' than once a week?

  2. jossfloss says:

    Thanks for this, was very helpful 😀

  3. Demi Mour says:

    sure, but what about the volume of each excersise when adding up in a year?

    also, what about legs? for us women, we do way more excersises on legs, especially those of us who emphasise on this muscle group. so, in order to do even one excersise for each leg muscle, when adding up with all the other muscle groups, you have to train for atleast 80 minutes. from what i know that is way to much. isn't it?

    and lastly when i tried this technique, perchaps due to faster recovery as you mentioned, i honestly didn't feel like tiring enough my muscles. i was generally more tired but not each muscle. what is your view on this?
    thank you!

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