No Equipment Butt and Thigh Workout at Home – Bodyweight Lower Body Workout

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35 Responses

  1. blackbird163 says:

    Thanks for good workout!

  2. niffler09 says:

    I love this workout! The first half is tough though haha

  3. dream imen,e says:

    This is fir gain weight or loose it

  4. cs says:

    Want to get Kelli's booty for 2018. #2018bootygoals

  5. Hi! kelli
    I'd like to ask you one question.Should I do this workout everyday for 4 weeks or change to do another workout Butt and thigh?

  6. Stacey Eidse says:

    This is a great workout for using on vacation (no gym or equipment required). As well as there is no jumping involved which is perfect for anyone with a foot injury.

  7. how long does it take to show changes if we do on regular basis?

  8. Ani Agarkar says:

    Is this work out to shed fat on ur butts and thighs? I'm confused.
    Awesome video!

  9. largol33t1 says:

    This workout is so tough that I've been doing only the first 12 minutes of it EVERY day for a week. When does it start getting even the slightest bit easier? I've changed the order slightly by putting the jump squats last. Sheesh, can't even do 10 jump squats in a row without having to stop and catch my breath. Every single time I'm done, I'm wasted.

  10. Ilina D. says:

    will my legs become bulky?because i need to lose weight and i want my legs to be thinner

  11. Mofe Osho says:

    Good sport!☺😉😇👑💄👓🐰🐇

  12. how do you get that clean white look?   tks:)

  13. How long do you have to do this workout to see the results?

  14. Kyla Durie says:

    I decided to do light/body weight workouts today cause my knee was a bit sore, but I still wanted to exercise. This was so great! I was a bit hesitant since I always workout with heavy weights, and thought this really wouldn't give me a workout, but I was wrong. lmbo My legs & glutes burned, so I'm happy with how it turned out. Thanks Kelly!

  15. 10 exresizes in and im panting like a fucking dog is a desert

  16. im literally stuffing my face with Muffins while watching this

  17. Did this work out for anyone?( please answer I’m trying to start but I want too see if there’s good results)

  18. Doreen Angel says:

    fantastic workout! I really felt the burn and feel great after this😄 thank you fitness blender!

  19. I'm doing this for one year! This really help!

  20. Is this for weight loss??

  21. Im burning! Hahahahaha ..

  22. Tori G says:

    I'm home from college for break and don't have a gym membership here, and I lifted at my college's gym. If I keep doing a mix of cardio and strengthening videos like this, will I stay strong? xx love FB!!

  23. Can you tell me some exercise to lose hip thigh and butt fat 😒

  24. Rimi Z says:

    18 dec 2017 all done 😍

  25. So I've been doing this for 2 weeks and I just want to add something.
    1st week: no change, still had a small butt
    2nd week: little change, my butt had a little increase at the bottom. You could tell the outline.
    3rd week:
    4th week:
    I'll keep y'all posted.

  26. NOVA ANIM says:

    this was sooo good!

  27. Kelly thank YOU for this wonderful workout, :*

  28. zhi naa says:

    this one is my favorite

  29. KITTY5 says:

    I'm a kid and I had fun!!🙎😸😝😃😄😅😆

  30. Dancer 24/7 says:

    I have been working out for 2 months. I look skinner but i haven't lost any weight. Why?

  31. Thank you so much for this work-out. I have done my workout alone at my home. 🤗

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