Plus Size Friendly Gym Workout/Routine! | 2018 ft Blink Fitness Los Angeles

Thank you Blink Fitness for teaming with me so I had a space to film my plus size friendly workout routine! I felt so comfortable here!

Blink Fitness:




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22 Responses

  1. Wow… your whole „workout” is my warm-up

  2. Keep up the good work! I just started my journey and my channel hope you come watch TY

  3. Beautiful Gym, will check to see if they have any in Fl! Keep up the good work Stella, proud of u girl 💞

  4. DW.Harry says:

    good but first weight machine: chest
    second and third weight machine: back. Arms was included but you those weren't targeted for your arms

  5. Lily Mn says:

    I love Blink Fitness firstly because of the affordable price and secondly of how the gym is always clean and well maintained

  6. You should be sweating over your face and t-shirt

  7. I love seeing other girls who aren't afraid to lift weights. It seems like every girl I know stays in cardio all day, so I commend you!

  8. Yesss! Stay stelllaaaa 😻😭 I know my arms be killlinggg too

  9. Amin says:

    Chest flyes dont work your arms. Its a chest isolation exersive. Lat pull downs focus mainly on your lats and upper back. Rows is also a back workout. You obviously dont know what youre doing girl.

  10. Amin says:

    Why would obese people work out. Serious question.

  11. Latitude11 says:

    awww yeah, Blink Fitness, you partnered with someone pretty amazing. Nice work Stella!

  12. ALBERTVLOG says:

    Hey guys i am knew to youtube and fitness check me out like/subscribe ill do the same thanks =)!!!!!

  13. KiyaSweets says:

    This was cool to see, thanks! Great content. <3 I love this quality.

  14. Yesss to "Dreams and Nightmares"! I can listen to that song on repeat my whole workout. ♥

  15. Keep up the good work and you always look amazing and beautiful

  16. So motivating, thank you 🤗

  17. Jenny Kemp says:

    Yassssss b ❣️❣️

  18. Love you Stella but these aren't arm workouts. The first one is a chest fly the second is a lot pull-down (back) and the third one is a swatted row also for the back. Great job! You are killing it 2018!! Check out some fitness magazines to get help with exercise names and routines😊

  19. kaztheklutz says:

    Awesome! Don’t forget to put a towel down on equipment when using it or wipe down with alcohol wipes after xo

  20. Shy Timmons says:

    Great job am going to the gym tomorrow:)

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