Legs/Push/Pull Routine by Jeff Seid: DAY 1 Push Workout #IRONLOVE

Workout series with Jeff Seid.
Trainingsplan von Jeff Seid.

Program Overview #IRONLOVE :

2. Video: PUSH
3. Video: PULL
4. Video: LEGS
5. Video: ShapeYOU Camp



#IRONLOVE beschreibt das Gefühl mit jeder Wiederholung seinem Ziel einen Schritt näher zu kommen. Wiederholung für Wiederholung! Schritt für Schritt! Es geht nicht darum besser, stärker oder schöner als jemand anderes zu sein. Es geht allein darum besser zu sein, als das „gestrige Ich“. Das Ziel ist jeden Tag besser zu werden. Ständiger Fortschritt ist unsere Motivation! „Be better than you were yesterday!“

#IRONLOVE describes the feeling to get closer to your goal – every rep. Step by step! It’s not about being better, stronger or faster than anyone else. It’s just about “being better than you were yesterday!” The goal is to get better every day. Progress is our motivation!

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At www.ShapeYOU.de you can find free workout plans and many great videos made by the pros — stars like Steve Cook, Jeff Seid, Felix Valentino, Tim Budesheim and Kai Greene already worked with ShapeYOU.
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Bei www.ShapeYOU.de findest du kostenlose Trainingspläne und viele Videos von den Profis erstellt — Stars wie Steve Cook, Jeff Seid, Felix Valentino, Tim Budesheim und Kai Greene haben schon mit ShapeYOU zusammengearbeitet.
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45 Responses

  1. Syco Fire says:

    255lbs incline?? got damn, good job man

  2. Mutha Flela says:

    i live in germany i speak german so i can understand and say somethin but the german names of exercises give me a rest man ! es ist zu schwierich

  3. Ci says:

    song at 7.00 ????????????????????

  4. tre says:

    I always wonder why Push Pull Legs in that order by everyone? My back is recovering next next. So its secondary movement to legs day. I find that Im sore and out of form when doing squats for example. Why cant we rethink this amd call it Pull Push Legs. That would make more sense to me. But hey I just an amatuer. Someone ler me know what they think. Thanks

  5. Chris Wist says:

    Is this program for beginners too??

  6. Chris Hunt says:

    My push routine, Incline DB Press, Incline Fly's, and Pullovers for chest, Arnold Press, Lateral Raises for shoulders, Close Grip BP, Skullcrushers for Triceps and for the last Dips, can't beat it the pump I feel I feel like I'm having sex every time woaaaaahhh

  7. musse pigg says:

    do they increase weight when they lower the reps in next set or do they keep it the same?

  8. Yubraz Das says:

    wtf felix goes on blabbering so irritating

  9. Andrew Paul says:

    if you arent going to speak english put the title in your native tongue. this shouldnt be the 3ed video thats shown to an english speaker when he searches for advice on how to build a push pull legs routine.

  10. Sophie Rose says:

    seriously impressive physiques

  11. Why not just use appropriate weight instead of having to be assisted on like half the reps. Ps legit question I would like to know…

  12. they look so awkward😂😂😂

  13. smith machine; ı dont like

  14. dERiUSTV says:

    Omg, that guy can't dumble press with 42kg? Siieeet im cutting and im hitting 45kg 10 reps flawlessly with perfect form

  15. Pray csgo says:

    this is the only ppl i knw who are clean and u can tell …keep it up

  16. You have got two week routines? What is this one for?

  17. Daniel C says:

    Post the bloody playlist pls

  18. Leo Seo says:

    how frequent should i do this push workout?

  19. supremeAFA says:

    why does jeff look soft here

  20. Will two variations of triceps be enough?

  21. Dj Aminoo says:

    this plan for 3 day split or 6 day i don't understand ?

  22. Great.. This video is running on 23 minutes.. How long it will take for all work outs to do..

  23. awesom workout …..this workout hit and get pump my chest+shoulder+triceps= sherred yaa….

  24. Love u jeff seid and ur team

  25. Stanley Choi says:

    Der Felix ist richtig cool, du erklärst immer alles richtig ausführlich !

  26. Jamiefree 45 says:

    Playlist ? @shapeyou

  27. i like ur shoulder workout

  28. savashawk says:

    song @ 2:46 ? shazam doesnt recognize it

  29. Simeon Nakov says:

    How much do I rest between sets?

  30. Gold Roger says:

    Was andere für Geld verkaufen, zeigt ihr uns gratis. Dankeschön, tolle Videos!

  31. Wellnotes DJ says:

    Tracklist!!!!!! We need it!!!!

  32. hang lu says:

    Is it always good to incorporate dips to replace skull crushers? Are dips good for muscle gains?

  33. GN GAMER says:

    intro sound ? 😀

  34. tim benedens says:

    what pants does jeff wear on the thumbnail ?

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