Best Fat Burning Workout (HOW I STAY LEAN!)

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The best fat burning workout is one in which you aren’t simply doing low intensity cardio, but are incorporating weight training as well. The simple fact is, long term fat loss is going to depend on your ability to build as much lean muscle tissue as possible. Metabolically, this muscle tissue is going to increase your resting caloric burn much more than the body fat that exists at this moment.

In this video, I show you a simple dumbbell complex that can be done with a barbell if you have access to a full gym or a more advanced home gym. The bottom line is, this sequence of four dumbbell exercises will get your heart rate soaring and your muscles working in very short order. Perform just 6 rounds this with little to no rest between exercises in the complex and a max of 90 seconds after each round.

Your goal is to perform your complex training workouts at least once a week if not more. The key to successful complexes however is to not back load the complexes with exercises that are using relatively heavy weights or that demand high levels of technical skill. Most trainers that program complexes make these mistakes and also don’t take into account the accumulating fatigue.

In order to combat the fatigue to maintain good form and the integrity of the exercise, you will want to perform this complex with a descending rep sequence. In other words, you will start off by performing 6 reps in the first round, 5 reps in the second round, 4 reps in the third, and so on and so forth until all rounds are done and you are doing just 1rep of each exercise in the last.

Determine the weight you are going to use by choosing your 12RM for your dumbbell overhead shoulder press. Keep the same weight for all of the other exercises in this complex. Again, this is done so that while the weight may be on the light side for the exercises you are performing, it will not jeopardize your body or risk injury when performing them in a fatigued state.

The key above all else is to not rest between movements. Simply transition from one exercise in the complex to the next and try not to rest the dumbbells at all when moving from one to the next. While the first round might not feel like much of a struggle, the subsequent rounds will quickly add up and make you feel as if your fat burning has just kicked into third gear!

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37 Responses

  1. Kerry Lee says:

    Tried this today for the first time. Have to admit it kicked my ass by the time I went down to 5 reps. But I made it all the way to 1. Thanks Jeff

  2. I do this with barbell….very effective for losing weight and increasing metabolism…thanks

  3. About how much calories will you burn with this workout

  4. Praveen S says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Hope you are doing good.

    Can you please share the plan from beginners to pro on weekly basis.

    Day 1 Monday….Day 5 Friday and so on for 10 to 15 weeks by then we will be in line with the workout and can then follow your other videos.

    Looking forward for your response.

    Praveen S

  5. Okay going to try this funnest work out

  6. Alex Lopez says:

    Lifting and metal is the perfect combo

  7. Is this exercise enough for a 13 year old?

  8. Hey guys can you tell me that when should i do this workout?

  9. Funniest is a word. Dude, you are fantastic!

  10. Haha, I can think of ONE way to have more, way more fun doing my cardio…

  11. I put the intro song on repeat when I workout.

  12. Jeff – I like it. Thanks. Question: would you do this daily? If not, how do you time it relative to leg day, shoulder day, etc? And this is great for guys like me who travel when the hotel "fitness rooms" have limited equipment. BTW – Congrats on your twins! Hope your son is home / well!

  13. So my question is. Can i replace 30 min of cardio that i was doing daily with this routine or is it better if i do both? I tried this and damn, i surely prefer doing this.

  14. Ian Gomez says:

    Freaking love Jeff

  15. Jiggyciggy says:

    Should I incorporate this with a certain day? E.g. chest day shall I do this before? Or is this just a whole workout day on its own?

  16. John Uy says:

    Jeff, can I do this complex after a weight training routine as a form of burnout? Thanks!

  17. Is the rest necessary?

  18. Do you have a video on how to get into working out after years of doing very little physical activity? I've been researching and most guides and tips dont seem to focus on that.

  19. Joel Arroyo says:

    This one is extremely effective in me wow

  20. Do you rest between the rounds and if so how long? Tks

  21. Reshie Roo says:

    I did this workout in the gym at my lunchtime today but with a barbell instead of dumbbell. In 30 minutes I was blitzed. Fab workout. Thanks again JC!

  22. This was my Sunday workout today wasn't feeling like driving to the gym knocked 6×10 each movement 5xs with 20lbs dumbbells per hand…workrd up a good sweat

  23. Dee Cue says:

    This is a Javorek complex.

  24. TBB5413 says:

    the squats were the hardest part for me.  need to work on the legs I guess

  25. Lucky singh says:

    Lol I’m watching this video exactly a year late 😂😂

  26. Lucky singh says:

    Lol I’m watching this video exactly a year late 😂😂

  27. Dan L says:

    What is the approximate calories burned with this workout

  28. im doing this to drop body fat %. will let you know how it ends up in 1-2 months

  29. Would you recommend this workout for training for a fight?? Would it help cardio aswell as strength?

  30. Logan says:

    how much is the weight of dumble.

  31. Keith Moore says:

    this is better then sprints for weight loss?

  32. New says:

    Was anyone able to see how much weighted the dumbbells that Jeff used for this work out?

  33. Southwestuk says:

    What weight was jeff using here? Couldn't see the label on my phone

  34. How many days a week should I be doing this circuit

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