HIIT Abs Circuit for BEGINNERS | HIIT Workout #1 | Men AND Women!

Official Anabolic Aliens video of HIIT Abs Circuit for BEGINNERS | HIIT Workout #1 | Men AND Women!
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In this video we are going to do an intense HIIT abs circuit that is designed for beginners but can be done for men and also for women! ANY EXPERIENCE LEVEL can make this abs workout intense. PUSH YOURSELF, if you think you are “too good” for a beginner workout, try giving it your 100% on each interval and see if you have a hard time getting up at the end of this routine.

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19 Responses

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  2. Ryann says:

    Bro, for a second i thought that in the thumbnail that bottle was being shoved down your throat😵😵😵. Gonna try this routine tomorrow, i've been slackin on abs lately👍💪

  3. Ine Monfort says:

    If you do this a few months, can you have a sixpack then?

  4. Awesome! I'm in pain in the good way haha

  5. bro killer video man. ima talk to Scott today and see what the next plan is but lets get a collab going guys.

  6. You are my favourite guyzz keep up the good work..🙌

  7. Thanks for the vid! I use the vids you guys make AS my timer and AS my push to do more so you end up getting a lot of views out of me, haha.

  8. Pete oropeza says:

    My new favorite u tube channel
    New sub here

  9. I started your workout routine and quite happy but i have a question
    can i do intense 5 minutes home workout 1&2 + 5 minutes dumbbell workout 1&2 means all 4 set together?
    day 1 chest 4 sets
    day 2 triceps 4 sets
    day three shoulder 4 sets as goes for rest of week

  10. Nice Bro subscribe my channel

  11. Good one!!!! ☺thanks!

  12. Guttu Jibitu says:

    Is this for burning fat or build muscle

  13. Godly Intros says:

    Nice I’m pumped for this!

  14. First!!!! .. Gang gang 💯

  15. Who wants to see more embarrassing pictures of Mike in the future?

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