BEST Workout & Diet ADVICE for DATING | How to Build Muscle & Lose Fat FAST

Wanna know how to build muscle and lose fat fast at the same time? Well today, I’m gonna teach you how to do it! Trying to gain muscle fast or lose weight fast? Whichever you’re looking to do I teach you how to do each, I also show you my best diet tips here too. Check out my workout and diet below.

(just google these and look at the pics if you don’t know what they are, none of them are complicated)

Monday: Chest
– Bench press 4×6 (4 sets, 6 reps per set)
– Dumbell fly 4×8
– Decline bench press 4×6
– Tricep pushdowns 4×8
– CARDIO: 15 min intervals on treadmill

– CARDIO: 15 min intervals on bike

Wednesday: Back & Biceps
– Deadlift 4×6
– Seated row 4×8
– Lat pulldown 4×8
– Barbell curl 4×8
– Dumbell curl 4×8
– CARDIO: 15 min intervals on treadmill

– CARDIO: 1 hour playing football outside with friends

Friday: Legs & Shoulders
– Squat 4×6
– Leg press 4×6
– Leg extension 3×10
– Leg curl 3×10
– Calf raise 3×10
– Shoulder press 4×6
– Front raise 3×8
– Side raise 3×8
– Rear delt fly 3×8
– CARDIO: 15 min low intensity (level 4) on treadmill (you don’t need to do high intensity cardio on leg day)


This is what I ate yesterday. I change it a little every day but this will give you a general idea of what I eat.

Breakfast: Fruit and vegetable smoothie (hemp milk, banana, frozen fruit, kale, lettuce, hemp protein powder), and oatmeal.

Lunch: Nut burger (from Whole Foods frozen aisle) with lettuce, tomato, slice of avocado, and rye bread.

Dinner: Bowl of quinoa, black beans, lettuce, cucumber, mushrooms, and corn.

Netflix-watching snack: Small bowl of blueberries, 1 banana, and a D’s Naturals protein bar you can get here (not an affiliate link and I’m not sponsored by them, I just like them):

I also recommend supplementing Vitamins D3, K2, and B12.


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  1. Based Zeus says:

    How to dress well video coming out next week…


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  2. JOSE Alvarez says:

    this 4:52 minute video helped more the all other videos combined 😂😂

  3. 0:43 I have those same dumbells at home😅💪🏻💪🏻

  4. Mike Snow says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 best video white no bullshit…

  5. Willie G says:

    got my attention right away and got an ab workout from laughing, thats one set done

  6. Memo says:

    You didn’t mention ab day… I’ll just make that it’s own day

  7. ben_izen says:

    What he's saying isn't correct for everyone

  8. Cardio burns less calories than weight lifting

  9. Best fucking video I've seen in my life

  10. This dude is the SHIT !!!!

  11. Riyaz Ahmed says:


  12. In case, like me, you’ve been losing your time searching for a diet program that works, 4FatLossFast. Com . ” I have droped 15 pounds in Just one week. I would advise this program to any individual who’s searching for a really effective plan.?

  13. Llew Gibson says:

    Just stumbled across your video mate, really love the content. Subscribed straight away, We should connect!

  14. Damn man. How much you deadlift/squat/OHP/bench/row/pullup/dip?

  15. Vilar Games says:

    please do a face reveal

  16. It sounds so difficult to do 12 sets for 2 muscle groups each and then 20 min cardio just in an hour for all. Or am I the only one who think so?

  17. monoXcide says:

    So glad I found this channel! Gonna start this tomorrow and hopefully the New Years resoluters have cleared out by now.

  18. I might do this like your routine, Zeus. I would. Thanks for your diet and dating confidence. 🙂

  19. People might sometimes give out one tip. But if it doesn’t work, how the fuck are everyone that want to get in shape be very possible then?

    It really sounds bullshit when you have been given one fucking tip. YouTube needs to have more channels that are alike you, Zeus!

  20. This made me lol so much! Is this advice the same for girls??

  21. this is the best video for beginners and for idiots like me 🙂

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