My Workout Routine to GAIN WEIGHT! + Tips

♡ I N S T A G R A M: @Luhhsetty
♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty

Trainer Info!

YT: Joshua Hope
IG: jhope26

This is my leg and butt workout routine! I am on a weight gain journey and working out is now a part of my weekly routine. I don’t do this exact routine each time, it’s always good to switch things up! 🙂


F A Q:

Name- Lisette (Luh-set)
Race- Black & White
Height- 5’3
Location- FL/LA
Age- 21


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30 Responses

  1. I found his very helpful..
    Thanks a lot.😘
    I will like to see more fitness videos

  2. Madelynn M says:

    I completely understand the weight gaining struggle! I felt so alone in it too because everyone would always make comments like "You're too skinny" "You don't have a butt/boobs because you're to small" "You need to eat more" "You annoy me because you're so small and I can't lose weight"
    I couldn't get past like 104 lbs. I love myself but I got tired of it and I wanted to glow up so I changed my routine. I started eating the amount of three grown men, I started drinking water water water, and working out like crazy extra. A ton of bodyweight stuff at home, weights at the gym, and cardio a few times a week. I'm 118 lbs. now and looking more and more like a snack😊

  3. Miss Leonor says:

    Yay finally a video that shows how to gain weight 😍😍

  4. Love love love your channel! Thanks for this video! So helpful

  5. Alexa Galvan says:

    Thanks for your tips I loved them This is like my routine now thanks I loved your videos.

  6. thank you so much for this video. i identify so much with you. i have never been over 100 pounds either and im currently looking for ways to be healthier and gain muscle. thanks girl ur beautiful

  7. randilee323 says:

    Can you do one on foods you eat. I am in the same boat I need help gaining weight.

  8. Love this video! I can reaaallly relate and am also working out with help from a trainer because of the same reasons. Lets gainnnnn!

  9. you will get to your goal we believe in you

  10. I’m eating a lot to gain weight but all the fat is going to my stomach…. not my arms, thighs, butt, chest, etc. Any tips?

  11. Alisa Brea says:

    Make another fitness video!!! I’ve been trying to do more exercise lately and I need your motivations girl keep me updated I want to see those abs!!!

  12. Apple Zshena says:

    I need this video a lot.

  13. Those squat machines scare the crap out of me because if you lose your balance or your knee buckles all that weight comes on your shoulders and can paralyze you.

  14. My whole life I’ve been way too skinny and honestly after years of working i think I’ll just end up getting plastic surgery even though that’s controversial

  15. Vera Khalid says:

    Gurl, don't be insecure about your body! You look perfectly healthy and glowing! Keep on working, cause it's working!

  16. Yaneli Pinto says:

    Im so happy i found this video! Im also very small and have always been insecure but this video totally encouraged me to start making the change i want to see in my body! Thank you so much 😌💕

  17. Max Strong says:

    Hey coconut face do you work out on your lips tooo

  18. I am so glad I found this video.

  19. Itsrhirhi says:

    Please do more videos like this, I’m trying to achieve the same thing and this vid was amazing!!!!

  20. I’ve been tryna gain weight my entire life I was usually about 80lbs until I started birth control I gained about another 10lbs but I feel like I lost it all back and i didn’t want to lose it but I’m way too lazy to work out…

  21. Jessica M says:

    Literally in the EXACT position you're in. I'm 95 pounds rn and have NEVER been 100 pounds but trying to get there

  22. Mona Nilsen says:

    You have a really nice body 😀 I also want to gain weight!! Its hard but Im motivated to try my best 🙂

  23. I literally had a 4 minute ad that I wasn't aloud to skip lol

  24. Lovely LadyV says:


  25. Dudeee… I’m 95 lbs as well and I️ve been trying to gain weight & build muscle, you’re not alone girl!!!

  26. sofia rubio says:

    Yes girl keep it up ❤️

  27. BADGALRATI says:

    lol he’s crazy 😂😂

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