HIIT Cardio Circuit for ADVANCED | HIIT Workout #3 | Men AND Women!

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Official Anabolic Aliens video of HIIT Cardio Circuit for ADVANCED | HIIT Workout #3 | Men AND Women!

In this video we are going to do a HIIT workout that can be done for men or women. This cardio workout is going to be a great fat burning workout that can be done completely at home. This workout requires no equipment and will help you get in much better cardiovascular shape and burn fat over time!

Rocket Jumps
Close In & Outs
Side Shuffles
Standing Mountain Climbers
High Jumps With Knee Tuck

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  2. good video! Success is in your future!

  3. That was one 5 five min 1 round he did and mans done he's out😂 I got 4 rounds 😩😂 my legs are going to hate me

  4. Bro come on 7:16 min you got 20 mins as we'll 😂 and your out of it I'm looking Forward to this now 😆

  5. Them standing knee crawls looked like Spider-Man 😂 climbing the wall

  6. Abhi Goswami says:

    Please share link of this timer app. Always support you.

  7. ASHISH KUMAR says:

    nyce video but plz write all exercise in description box plz bro

  8. SAHIL says:

    Great sir, tomorrow is my cardio day so i will Do sir,,

  9. LoliBear says:

    can you do a advanced HIIT for leg workout? plz and thanks for the video love ya guys

  10. Jim Bartley says:

    I like this series a lot. Just wish you were more motivating and pushed harder like Mike does while I follow along

  11. k ramarao says:

    Hey. ….why you creat Android app…

  12. Awesome. Again. I'm ganna give this a try.

  13. Eric is flying in the thumbnail

  14. In how many days our forearms will grow

  15. Mahrez Ali says:

    Approx..how many calories will this advanced hiit remove aliens?

  16. Hope you guys liked this 3 video series! Should we do another!?

  17. First Comment From General antony

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