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Day 4 – ARMS

BIG, HUGE SPECIAL THANKS to these PATREON BUFF DUDES and GRRRLS who helped to make this video possible!!

Michael Weber
Rachel DaSilva
James Bissonette
Logan Vibbert
Neesh Shah
Chin Long Chan

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BUFF DUDES / Fitness / Buff Dudes Cutting Plan – Arms Workout

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45 Responses

  1. Buff Dudes says:

    Phase 2, Day 4. Had family in town over the past two weeks so got a little behind on the editing but we've shot LOTS of content so look for daily videos over the next week. Hope everyone's cut is going well – we're almost HALFWAY there! Until next video, STAY BUFF. -Hudson & Brandon

  2. always wondered do the buff dudes listen to Pantera??

  3. Frazer Mann says:

    How do the Duff Dudes tackle locked muscles? Ive got locked Brachialis in both arms and it would be great to know how to avoid/get rid of these issues.

  4. Revulsion OK says:

    I wonder if I prepped my valentine date with buff dudes recipes whether she would like it… lol

  5. Kantos 01 says:

    It was clearly a raw lift you silly fools

  6. random ix says:

    whats the outro song??

  7. Are you going to make another series of you two making a skinny teen buff again?

  8. I don't wana destroy Arms……I want gains 😁 !!

  9. elementguy98 says:

    is this a better cutting program for those who already have a solid build? or can an average dude do it as well and see weight loss and slight muscle gains to attain a sort of physique?


  10. Just about to go and do arms and see this. Yeeeaaahh, stay buff 💪

  11. David C. says:

    But isn't reverse grip bench press for upper chest?

  12. I love the music and theme it always reminds me of far cry blood dragon

  13. kanese7en says:

    Sorry, hudson…I think I have the same 'problem' with you..have the size in chest & arms but a bit lagging in shoulders, especially traps…damn genetics

  14. Noah Price says:

    Those eggs on a cloud are a shiiiitload of work for 9g of protein and 6g of fat. Ill just eat a can of tuna real quick bros. lol

  15. Andrew Lim says:

    More miniature Brandon please. 🙂

  16. Love how you always keep it humorous. Mini Brandon was really funny.

  17. sean laker says:

    When I was a lad I did 8 dozen reps, every workout to help me get LARGEEE! Now that I'm swoll I do 10 dozen reps so im roughly the SIZE OF A BARRRRRGEEE!!

  18. Spider Girl says:

    That's hilarious."The goofier you look,the easier it is" is so true! I always get embarrassed when i make a face at the gym but it helps lol.i get excited when you guys post a new video (: im gonna do some of your workouts

  19. Zatley says:

    Can you use different cheese?

  20. Hudson, your absolute doppelgänger is a youtuber named steve1989mreinfo…he reviews old and new military rations. Real quality content but it’s uncanny how much you guys look alike

  21. Love your videos guys! Ive just started content creation myself and would appreciate if anyone could check it out xx

  22. Deniz OLGUN says:

    mini brandon kicking lol

  23. you said "go ahead" 9 times in your 2 min food prep segment lol

  24. baby driver says:

    I am a fan from India. Best fitness channel ever.

  25. Old dude talking to himself at 5:40 😂

  26. Abel Delgado says:

    What's the temperature on the oven?

  27. Peazcoal says:

    that mini brandon kicks got me dying lmao

  28. Hung Nguyen says:

    Please do video on supplements. Your last update was 5 years ago. I'm just curious on what Buff Dudes approved supplements. Thanks a lot.

  29. MajorStra says:

    I just got the 12wk plan last week and finished week 1, I'm loving it so far!

  30. sounak bar says:

    You kidding me?
    He doing dumbell skullcrushers with 45 pounds
    When I do that with 12.5 pounds dumbell I feel like Hercules!

  31. Hello all want to have your feedback about my fat burning juice app. The link for the play store is here after.

  32. Hans Blitz says:

    I think this might be the first recipe that I actually try.

  33. Sizzle Tube says:

    Weren’t you guys making a bodyweight cutting plan

  34. Paulo Guga says:

    Not a buff dudes video if it doesn't start with some fasted cardio

  35. Jorge says:

    I always watch your videos while taking a shit and i get motivated to push it harder 💩

  36. Hey BUFF dudes! You guys need to pump out more content alright! I look forward to watching your videos after my workouts. Take care and stay BUFF!

  37. TheGAINZ says:

    1:08 Damn Hudson, I think it's time to bulk. Lol jk, keep up the good work

  38. where is the phase two workout?

  39. When yall getting married

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