My Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

This is what I normally eat before and after I workout. No pre and or post workout supplements, just lots of whole plant foods.

Outro Song: Beef by KRS-One

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29 Responses

  1. L Lawliet says:

    can you do a video on how to calculate how many calories you need to eat in a day to gain or lose weight?

  2. zxcvbnm103 says:

    The most important question that nobody ever asks you. How many times a day do you take a shit?

  3. your food is disgusting

  4. John Russell says:

    I simply don’t have the time to eat that much to compensate for the lack of

  5. Kazï Ripsta says:

    Fucking soy boy liberal

  6. Its calories not protein=bullshit

  7. Freddy says:

    Really helpful. I’m really fat, and trying to turn my life around, and you’re kinda my go-to guy for this stuff.

  8. Sam Running says:

    Are u ever gonna get back to this diet?

  9. So the whole thing about iodine and thyroid gland problem is complete bullshit from high doses of kale/vitamin k?

  10. Amick Guitar says:

    No wonder he's suicidal.

  11. brandon p says:

    He sounds just like I thought he would.

  12. lela says:

    Out of curiosity.. What is your body type? I'm asking because I actually used to make a berry and kale smoothie every day a lot and when it comes to sweet potatoes I'm a little scared due to the sugar content. I don't think my body type is supposed to have more than half a sweet potato at a time… But I'm not sure since I'm trying to read about nutrition and trying to understand it better. I think it might be easier for ectomorphs but no so much for meso and endo..

  13. Smoothie + PWO meal is 20 gs of protein lmao.

  14. Dennis 3809 says:

    you must be 💩 ing like a madman after this kind of smoothies!

  15. J W says:

    Is that Oatmeal or Soup ?

  16. And I recommend a big fat juicy steak/pork/veal especially veal because baby cow meat gives you [insert bullshit nutrition fact here].

  17. Lrdvltr says:

    Dat gym commute tho

  18. Daniel Oon says:

    holy shit how far is that gym wtf

  19. I like banana smoothie as pre workout meal

  20. Bernax 2500 says:

    wtf is a jamaican sweet potato? xD

  21. cplnoodles says:

    Do you live in Toronto cause that goodlife looks like the one on Kennedy and Ellesmere

  22. fareed ali says:

    What are those green leafs you putting in the mixer after work out? please name them. My energy is mostly low before and after the gym

  23. Aracne80 says:

    Daem, man. Is that what u eat? I am … impressed. Seems so easy … I gotta get me a blender. Thumbs up.

  24. vegan gains worst in fitnes industry 😀

  25. I eat one little goat everyday.

  26. Sultan Syr says:

    its workout not workyaot for god sake

  27. recommends low protein foods…alright????

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