30-Minute Strength-Training Workout

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34 Responses

  1. I loved this workout! She motivated me and I didn't get bored during the exercises. Her voice is so calm and nice.

  2. Kaitlin Ski says:

    Girl in the back needs to work on her form

  3. Hino Hino says:

    i loved ur voice man
    And this exercise is perfect will try it tomorrow at the gym insha Allah

  4. i love that… thanks ….

  5. FrancyFit says:

    I love your workout you are my ispiration this is my workout version https://youtu.be/7pgfCSrE8lk

  6. Thank you so much… Progress not perfection… I will keep that in mind

  7. MysTri says:

    I heard Shannon say "awesome" 41 times :D, but maybe I missed a couple while I was huffing and puffing…. kinda funny. But seriously, she has a sweet voice and I felt encouraged the whole way. Nice workout.

  8. Norie S says:

    glad to see a video without Anna

  9. That was a really hard video to do!!

  10. Ryl Win says:

    Many thanks, I have been researching "weight lift routine" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Fonmich Strength Smasher – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got great success with it.

  11. Does anyone know how many calories this burns?

  12. I’m just getting back into shape so this workout killed me and my lazy booty had to take a break every once and a while , but I felt so motivated and energized the entire video !!!

  13. Thank you so much! You made my day by saying "progress not perfection". ^^

  14. Kulsum Ara says:

    I loved ur workout.

  15. I do this work out almost every day Absolutely awesome🙌🙌 this lady is a good trainer, I enjoy this workout💯 I feel my muscle pull on every workout. LOVE IT😉

  16. Mary Mikel says:

    I like it thanks for sharing God bless you to know him in Yeshua's name

  17. I just recently subscribed to your channel. Your videos are fun and they have been really motivational to me. Thank you so much for all of these great videos 🙂

  18. Jayme Beauty says:

    Omg! My booty today is soooo sore! And I do barre classes and pilates! This got me good. Great workout! Kept the heart beat up with low impact workouts and a steady pace. Definitely a good toner. Finished this off with a 25 minute run. Will be back to torture myself with this one again. Thanks!

  19. Victoria R says:

    Love this! Thank you!

  20. Could anyone help me please, every time I use weights and do these types of workouts I get bulky quads seriously and it's not the look i like anyone give me any advice please

  21. Can Shannon be my personal trainer every day? 😉 Love her and this workout!

  22. Jin Lee says:

    Perfect 30 minute toning workout. Could be as challenging or easy as you want it.

  23. Jill Evans says:

    loved this one!! the moves were very accessible and I really liked the trainer, which was a relief!!!

  24. K SS says:

    This should be tagged as a workout for beginners.  First, this workout is not particularly challenging.  There are only a few moves and, in my opinion, there is too much down time in between moves to be a challenging workout.  Second, the instructor says "doing 25 of anything sounds crazy" implying, doing 25 reps of each move is very difficult.  For a beginner perhaps, but for anyone who watches the Popsugar workouts regularly, 25 reps isn't tough.  If you're a seasoned Popsugar watcher, you'll need to do another workout after this one to get in your workout.  If you're a complete beginner to working out, then you may like this.

  25. How many calories can I burn??

  26. all the commentary was longer than the actual workout. people understand the moves. they are not complex. the instructor only needs to explain once that sylvana is doing the modified version, and nikki is doing the ++modified. the 5 minute explanation of who is doing what for every single move is unnecessary.

  27. You are a great instructor dear👍🏻

  28. Candace Dawn says:

    I really liked this work-out since I wanted to focus on strength training today! I also like the fact that the instructor wasn't toothpick skinny and had a curvy, woman's figure.

  29. VANAJA R says:

    killer workout but I did it 😀

  30. Amanda Cantu says:

    I did this workout yesterday. It was amazing, so amazing to the point my butt and thighs are burning today lol. Can't wait to do this video again 😁👍🏻

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