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Day 6 – BACK & CHEST

BIG, HUGE SPECIAL THANKS to these PATREON BUFF DUDES and GRRRLS who helped to make this video possible!!

Michael Zinni
Michael Weber
Rachel DaSilva
James Bissonette
Logan Vibbert
Neesh Shah
Chin Long Chan

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BUFF DUDES / Fitness / Buff Dudes Cutting Plan – Back & Chest Workout

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43 Responses

  1. Buff Dudes says:

    It's the FINAL DAY of PHASE 3! We'll be back on Saturday as we head into PHASE 4. Only 6 videos left and we're finished with the CUTTING PLAN! Helllllll yeah.

  2. Was that Remington James in the background at 3:21 lol

  3. Sean17 says:

    Hey this might be a dumb question but what's the difference between rack pulls and romanian deadlifts? Don't they both just target your hamstrings?

  4. invisi_punk says:

    What the feck is happening in Golds Gym?! You see some crazy shit going on in the background!

  5. James Miles says:

    On the dumbell chest press.
    What in the fuxk was that woman in the back doing to her biceps.. snap snap snap..wahaha

  6. Em Jay says:

    6:27 You sure it wasn't because the scenery was nicer over by the dumbbells? 🙂

  7. 2:49 the depth on them squats👌👌

  8. Fabbriank says:

    thats a nice motörhead t-shirt

  9. Was the whole workout all filmed on the same day? Or did Brandon just change his outfit halfway 😀

  10. I m gone Skip the Buff Dudes drinking game cause i am already drunk after like 3 german beers

  11. martithon says:

    It's so funny to watch the people in the background doing some crazy/weird exercises

  12. Tyler Titman says:

    Anyone at 3:00 in just staring at that dude doing quarter squats 😂

  13. Thordan says:

    Finally started cutting myself, the bloat has finally gone away it's a wonderful feeling

  14. leilighet205 says:

    I tend to go with cock sauce on my chichen breasts, ever since your infamous shopping vlog 👍🏻

  15. Very hardcore workout 🙂

  16. sorry when doing T-Bar row I was watch the man on the smith machine doing quarter squats

  17. Never tried dumbbell pull-over like this, will definitely give it a go on Sunday. Thanks a bunch, lads! The occupied station problem is more like a disease – hate it when a flock of teens just swarms a bench/rack and has it for my entire workout sessions (45min+) just so they lift like sissies and take selfies. Literally had enough once when it was all hands on deck scenarion in the gym, walked up to them and asked if they plan to actually use the station for shizz other than doodling on their phones. They got up quick and voila, the station was mine 😀

  18. Cindy Si says:

    Hahahah " buff dude drinking game!"

  19. How do athletes like Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps maintain lean muscle despite performing extreme cardio everyday?

  20. Hey dudes I have a problem whenever I train back I don’t seem to get sore the next day any advice I don’t feel the back working in pulling movements

  21. Simon Hjorth says:

    Best channel out there. <3

  22. DEEQ YARE says:

    teacher plz help me best food of jym plz answer the reply

  23. hudson I finally found that song you always have going in the background in your kitchen, I love that stereotypical 1950s 'kitchen of tomorrow' theme it has, so now I can play it in my kitchen when doing meal prep! =D

  24. Watching you guys after a hard day of work is like spending time with the fam, it's cosy and real. If you ever make it ultra big and live in a Buff Dude McMansion – never stop doing vids that have pragmatic small house kitchens… it makes you so relatable

  25. Buff baby requires attention (duffman voice)

  26. hadhad129 says:

    I played the drinking game with my coffee I am WIRED!!!

  27. 5:36 handjob training 😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Buff dudes there's a smith machine quarter squatting offence 😂going on at 2:45 in your video
    It's kind of ironic 😅

  29. James Salt says:

    I played the buff dudes drinking game and woke up with a tiger in my bathroom 😳

  30. Mr Karroh says:

    This pushup exercise i must try, looks good

  31. Hoody Kidd says:

    "Chest and back workout will change you" thumbnail of him doing hurt yourself rows

  32. What was that lady doing in the background?

  33. A Motorhead shirt? Hudson you get cooler with every video. They're one of my favorite bands.

  34. Spider Girl says:

    the girl looks so weird lifting behind Brandon 5:37 lol😂

  35. Spider Girl says:

    chicken in cereal??? Coool

  36. Hahaha I always think of wolverine when doing cable flys😄

  37. Titan07 says:

    Im sure the guy at 2:42 has amazing legs after seeing his squats

  38. Red Rose says:

    You are truly amazing Coach Hudson. Balancing everything, fatherhood and youtube work and home and gym, you are truly inspiring. When i was in the same state, baby crying everytime i leave the room, my son's 3 yrs old now, went to the kitchen to make something breaded, i crushed cereal in a ziplock bag just to rush. I wasn't even thinking what i was doing until my husband came home and said, hey, this breaded chicken tasted nice, sweeter than before. Me likey.

  39. YungRasteezy says:

    This gym looks lit. Buff dudes recording, doing movements you dont see too often.. And nobody gives a damn! Everyone focused on their own thang..

  40. Kanra says:

    Brandon, does the elbow sleeve help with pain? Because I get a lot of elbow pain whenever I do pullups.

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