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31 Responses

  1. My questions are:
    1.I work overnights, how do i incorporate diet and exercise into my routine?
    First with nutrition…i eat when i first wake up(like breakfast) around 4p. I go to work around 8p and work til 6a. During this time its hard to find time eat (my lunch). Most nights i end up waiting until i get home. By time i get home im exhausted and dont want to see another pot (oh yea im cook in a gas station).
    2.So i need help…figuring out quick easy meals, something easy to prep the day before, or snacks or meals for when im at work.
    3. Also I read that im 6 small meals a day. Lol I barely manage to get 3
    4. Is better for me workout before or after i go to work?
    I have more questions but these are the main 4 i have been struggling with. I just want you to know i appreciate all the hard work you do and dedication you put in everyday to help people like me. Thank you so much😁😍i love you and i cant wait to see the program

  2. Yas98 says:

    I am struggling to gain weight! I’ve never weighed over 90 pounds (I’m 4’11) and I eat plenty.

  3. Can this workout program help to gain weight?

  4. Fabíola.F says:

    How should I eat to get lean and grow glutes at the same time?

  5. Une Pertin says:

    Any plan for ppl in their 30s? It's difficult to lose weight when you reach your 30s.

  6. Would this program work for ages 12+

  7. Tracy tran says:

    I want to take some sort of protein powder, but I have no idea what it does when to take it, whats the difference between which ones. I want to know what macros we should be taking.

  8. Can you make a video on L- glutamic acid and how to take it because my doctor has me taking it because it can reduce the amount sickle crisis. Yes I have sickle cell anemia and I would love to know more about that supplement since I have to take it for my health.

  9. Mimi S says:

    i would love to know more about cardio vs weights and which can help lose fat faster

  10. L C says:

    It’s really hard for a Korean to find nutritional diets involving Korean food too. I know that a lot of Korean food is good for the body but we do have a lot of different types of foods and ingredients so.. if Asian food can also be considered that would be greatt

  11. thetroof says:

    When you want to sign up but you have absolutely no coins😂 Maybe next year

  12. Jammin Dave says:

    The only thing I have to say is; what a lucky bastard….

  13. Honestly, I would pay $100 for your program Vicky! I have seen how just adding your workouts into my routine has changed my body, and as a broke college student I think that $100 for something that will change your/our/my life is well worth it!

  14. I just started doing Vicky’s workouts! And omg, they have literally changed my body in weeks. I don’t have any fat to lose, and just need to tone, and I saw a change in literally 2 days. I have a playlist full of workouts for my “summer body,” but I love your workouts so much that I plan on making them a part of my life! Thank you Vicky!

  15. I wanna join the program with Vicky you're so beautiful I wanna be more healtier I love yoga

  16. Keena H. says:

    SO EXCITED!! As far as nutrition goes, i'd love to see a little blurb on how to maintain a balanced, healthy diet for life. Eating a little bit of all the good stuff (veggies, protein in some form, fruit) every day seems like a no-brainer, but i'm curious if there's anything else that a trained nutritionist would add or draw attention to. I've also seen a lot of "eat protein or carb rich before/after workouts" to "maximize results", and i'm just wondering if someone who's just doing at-home workouts and looking to lead an overall healthier lifestyle (certainly looking to get in a good workout and see some positive changes, but not interested in hardcore body-building) should give that much weight. Does when you consume what matter, or is the overall balance of the day/week/diet more important for overall health?

  17. Hi….i up going to participate in a beauty pageant…i am 55 kgs and want to loose excess fat and muffin top asap.and have a well toned figure in a month.plz help

  18. I'm a diabetic vegetarian don't know where to start 😭

  19. Vicky ! I just started to watch your videos not too long ago and I really loved everything that you believe in and everything about the way you live your life. I’m a mom and im very busy, I’m trying to get into shape and definitely lose weight ! But I’m a very picky eater! I don’t eat very much vegetables and I don’t eat sea food or fish. Help me !!

  20. luv_tritri says:

    Yasssssssss i can't wait my fav fit girl. Im ready to get snatched hunny

  21. Omg so cute couple….lve u di😍❤

  22. Bambi ovalle says:

    Don’t cut the hair it looks great 👌🏽😊

  23. Hopefully it’s affordable. That’s all I’m hoping for 🙏🏼

  24. Rirī Hana says:

    Ready to look good for summer 😭❤️

  25. Rirī Hana says:

    So excited omg 😭😻😭😻

  26. Actually if you guys have any tips on how to workout, and keep the weight. I workout to stay fit, but I tend to lose weight super quickly, so is hard to attempt to keep my weight in a healthy way. Thank youu

  27. You guys are so thoughtful, honestly a great team. Can't wait for the program! And thank you so much, already know this program is gonna be super helpful. Mucho amor❤💪

  28. I love Vicky she is the best

  29. Yessica S says:

    What foods to eat less

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