Ab Workout for women: Ab Workout At Home – Advanced Ab Workout

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When it comes to weight loss and fitness, one of the most common desires among both women and men is to have a chiseled and defined mid-section. We all want flat bellies and toned abs, but what’s the best way to lose your love handles and get rid of your muffin top? Most people know that crunches and sit-ups do the trick, but what else?

The number one thing we want to stress is that doing ab focused exercises alone is not going to get you the results you want. While targeting your abs is certainly important if you want a six pack, there’s more to it than that.

There’s a reason people say “abs are created in the kitchen.” Diet will make or break your goals. I’m sure you’ve noticed this before! Have you ever worked out for weeks and wondered why you’re not losing weight or toning up in the right places? The answer is almost certainly that your diet is not clean.

If you want to see more definition in your abs, you have to cut down your body fat percentage.This means you have to burn more calories than you consume, and also choose the right foods to get the nutrients you need and fuel your body. This process will vary from person to person, but a general rule is to avoid processed foods, foods that are high in fat or sugar, and anything fried.

Stay away from empty calories. That means ditching things like soda and other sugary drinks immediately. You will notice a big difference! Stick to whole foods like fruits and veggies and lean meats, as well as legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. Also, remember to stay hydrated & get plenty of rest!

Try combining ab workouts with smart cardio like HIIT and TABATA while also maintaining a healthy diet, and you will be amazed by the results! Whether you’re doing ab workouts for women or a man looking for washboard abs, these tips will get you on the way to a toned & slim waist.

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24 Responses

  1. GymRa says:

    For Workout details, calorie burn and individual moves: https://www.gymra.com/instaview/sb30Hbyx4Tk

  2. Great workout!! You made me die really😅👌🏻 btw I am Josephine too😉☺️

  3. Honestly I didn't feel this enough in my abs – I found it more a strain on my hips. Always a problem for me with ab workouts.

  4. Noldy says:

    I think I bit off more than I could chew. Too advanced for me lol. Tapped out at 13 minutes.
    Workout incomplete 15.01.2018 – 4.20am #FBMass

  5. Совсем неэффективная. При выполнении вообще не чувствуешь пресс, хотя техника правильная. По мне, когда жжёт, значит работает.

  6. Diana Larisa says:

    That was a tough one 👌👌

  7. Aya In says:

    killing abs Thanks!!

  8. GymRa says:

    🙏 Please help us spread the word – tell your friends & family!  ❤️  Show us some love! LIKE + SUBSCRIBE + SHARE ❤️ 🔥 Download our FREE app: http://www.gymra.com/app 💪 Join our Weight Loss Challenges: http://www.gymra.com/challenges 💪 Visit our Blog: http://www.gymraplus.com

  9. Lordy lordy! Burns!! Worth the sexy abs though hehehe

  10. As always, great and useful. Thank you

  11. Some of it was "savage", but for the most part this workout took so long simply because the breaks were so long. I hope GymRa begins to release some more time effective and difficult workouts.

  12. safi456 says:

    What the?!! 23:39!! Its insane! How are you doing that?? What are you made of –– bendable titanium????

  13. This One has 24,861 views!!!!!!!!!!!! Just An Amazing Set….This can Help Anyone who is Dedicated and Push Urself…Kudos to this Video

  14. Cloé Villax says:

    How many calories this workout burns ?

  15. This is awesome sauce..added to my an workout video playlist.

  16. Game Over says:

    How does this AB WORKOUT not have as many likes as views?!? This is the most awesome AB workout on you-tube!! Thank you 🙌👍

  17. Inna VB says:

    A way to hard if you are a beginner . For this you should have strong legs and arms

  18. Excellent ab workout , thankyou Gymra.

  19. I know abs require hip flexors but i think this his tooo much ,maybe flipping over into plank more often would be beneficial ?!

  20. Shayna C: says:

    Am I the only one who read "get that fat fucked" In the description?

  21. Very hard but it tests your strength for sure. Thanks!

  22. Sabrina MC says:

    How many sets is best for the day, for out the week

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