15min Arms & Chest Workout || Strength Routine For Men & Women

Another one complete! Now it’s your turn. Today we trained upper body with a pretty tough strength routine. We completed 3 rounds of it but only 2 are in this video so feel free to push for that 3rd round! Be sure to warm up before this and every workout.

Now to the fun stuff 🙂

Exercise Format:

15 Pushups
45sec High Plank Hold
15 Bent Over Rows
45sec High Plank + Alt. Leg Lifts

15 Bicep Curl + O/Head Press
45sec Shoulder Taps
15 DB Row + Kickbacks
45sec PlankWalkers

10 Chest to Floor Burpees

That’s one round. Rest for 60secs after completing the round. Repeat 2-3 times. Keep rest between each exercise minimal to zero.


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