Hello Guys this is Saurabh.

Saurabh Tiwari is Certified Strength And Conditioning Coach .

A Sports Nutritionist And A Practitioner Of Various Form of Martial Arts and Body Weight Exercise.

Along with this is He is an Expert in Self Defense Techniques .

He is following His Passion to train people and make them fit and help to live long life.

In this video i am showing abs(cor
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16 Responses

  1. Do this for 45Sec taking 15sec rest and 2 sets for beginners and 3 to 4 for intermediate

  2. Sir make a video on dumbell,curlrod exercises means home gym time workout for muscle-building and fat loss

  3. Diet plan bhi Bata do bhai

  4. Sir side fat loss exercise par bhi 1 video banaiye plzzz sir

  5. I do this exercise daily but i eat everything, expt burger, pizza, coke etc. But still i couldn't found results what should i do! Can you tell me please.

  6. Ek exercise kitni der karni hai

  7. I am gonna start this from today!

  8. Preetam says:

    Kal try karunga Sourav bhai tnx btw set's n reps mention nahi kara aapne

  9. Thanks SF …dan i get a heart

  10. alok singh says:

    Ty saurabh bhai for such a nice workout plan.
    Luv ur videos ❤❤

  11. Aryan Rathod says:

    Thanks really needed this workout!🔥💯

  12. super Tech says:

    Bhai kaha tha itne dino se.. #SF 👌 #DesiUnboxing

  13. rahul virkar says:

    are saurabh bhawa…tujyashi contact kasa karaych sang na?

  14. Good video..!! Useful💯👍

  15. Prasad Raja says:

    Home workout is love .nice video

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