Best Post Workout Stretching / Cool Down Routine (Hindi) | Men & Women

1] Wrist & Forearm Stretch – Extending hands forward & hold your one hand with other bend your wrist backward for 5-10Sec until you feel stretch repeat for both hands.
2] Side & Lat Stretch – Keeping your right arm overhead & use your left hand to pull your right elbow behind your head you will feel stretch in your lats repeat for both hands.
3] Arms & Shoulders Stretch – Keeping your one arm across your body & by using left arm tuck the elbow of your right arm in towards your body repeat for both hands.
4] Quadriceps Stretch – While Balancing yourself. Using your right hand grab your right foot & pull your heel toward your butt for 15-30Sec repeat for both side.
5] Hamstring & Calf Stretch – Sit on the ground & extend your left leg straight in front of you. Touch your right foot to your left knee. Bend forward & hold your toes with your both hands you will feel stretch in your hamstring and calf repeat for both legs.
6] Glute Stretch (1)- Sit on the floor hold your right leg across the body & hug with both both hands tightly until you feel stretch hold in the position for 15-30sec repeat for both legs.
7] Glute Stretch (2) –Sit on the floor bend your left leg & keep your right foot flat on the ground .
Cross your left leg over the right & move forward with your hands to feel stretch. Repeat for both leg.
8] Back Twist Stretch – While seated place your right leg over your left with your right foot on the ground . Twist your body while looking forward repeat on both side.
9] Groin Stretch – While seated bend your knees & bring the both toes together holding them with your hands while keeping your back straight allow your knees to touch the ground.
10] Abdominal Stretch – Lie on your stomach with hands underneath your shoulders gently push your upper body upwards.
11] Lower Back Stretch – Lie on ground with your knees bent. Hug your knees & pull them up to the chest until you feel stretch.
12] Chest & Front Shoulder Stretch – Lay your hand flat along wall at shoulder height with the right arm straight. Turn to left to feel the stretch. Repeat on both side.
13] Triceps Stretch – Stand in a relaxed position with your back straight hold cloth in your one hand & pull it down with other hand to feel stretch. Repeat for both arms.
14] Calf Stretch – Extend your right foot out straight slowly pull the toes backward till you feel a stretch in calf.
15] Side Stretch – Stand straight with shoulder width distance between legs raise one arm & bent on opposite side.

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